Fuzhou street youth stealing 30 yuan food procuratorate there is no need to arrest-windjview

Fuzhou street youth stole 30 yuan food: there is no need to arrest Procuratorate of Fuzhou news network November 18th hearing (Fuzhou evening news reporter Wang Wei correspondent Zhou Mingjian Xia Xiaoli) earlier this month, over the age of 18, Chen (a pseudonym) and family conflict, from Minhou home to downtown Fuzhou street, hungry for 3 times in a row to a convenience store theft the food in Gulou District, worth more than 30 yuan. After Chen was arrested, prosecutors believe that although he was suspected of theft, but whether it is socially dangerous and should be arrested, there is a certain controversy. Yesterday morning, Gulou District procuratorate launched the first public review of arrest cases, comprehensive opinions, prosecutors believe that there is no need to arrest ah chen. Ah Chen, poor life, was abandoned just 3 days ago and was adopted by foster parents. The foster parents were negligent of him, so he was rather headstrong. At the age of 18, he learned that he is the son of the family, more self contradiction with family. Earlier this month, now home to Fuzhou City, can not find a job, do not want to stay with relatives, in the street. Because of hunger, ah Chen 3 times into a convenience store stealing snacks and drinks, worth more than 30 yuan. After Chen was arrested, the case was transferred to Gulou District procuratorate for examination and arrest. According to the relevant provisions of the criminal law, theft within two years, suspected of theft. The procuratorate of Gulou District considers that although he is suspected of theft, he has a social danger and should be arrested. There is controversy. Yesterday morning, Gulou District procuratorate arrested for the first time to start public review of the case, invite the Gulou District People’s Congress, the public security organ case handling personnel and the victims, the families of the suspects in the. The parties expressed their views, ah Xin’s adoptive father choked several times, apologized to the victim for many times bow. Comprehensive views of all parties, now subjective malignant small prosecutors believe that the Department of first-time offenders Oufan, repentance, and regulatory conditions, get the understanding of victims, no social risk, no arrests necessary.

福州流浪青年偷30多元食物 检察院:没有必要逮捕   福州新闻网11月18日讯(福州晚报记者 王威 通讯员 周明健 夏晓莉)本月初,年满18周岁的阿辰(化名)和家人起冲突,从闽侯离家出走到福州市区流浪,因饥饿连续3次在鼓楼区一家便利店盗窃食品,价值30多元。阿辰被抓后,检方认为他虽然涉嫌盗窃罪,但是否具有社会危险性而应当逮捕,存在一定的争议。昨日上午,鼓楼区检察院首次启动逮捕案件公开审查会,综合各方意见,检方认为没有必要逮捕阿辰。   阿辰身世可怜,刚出生3天就遭遗弃,被养父母收养。养父母对他疏于管教,因此他比较任性。在18岁成年前,他得知自己是养子的身世,更加自暴自弃,与家人产生矛盾。本月初,阿辰离家出走来到福州市区,找不到工作,也不愿在亲戚家停留,选择在街头流浪。   因为饥饿,阿辰3次进入一家便利店盗窃零食及饮料,价值30多元。阿辰被抓后,该案移送至鼓楼区检察院审查逮捕。根据《刑法》相关规定,两年内多次盗窃的,涉嫌盗窃罪。鼓楼区检察院审查认为,阿辰虽然涉嫌盗窃罪,但他是否具有社会危险性而应当批捕,存在争议。   昨日上午,鼓楼区检察院首次启动逮捕案件公开审查会,邀请鼓楼区人大代表、公安机关案件承办人、被害人、犯罪嫌疑人家属等人员参加。各方阐述了意 见,阿辰的养父几度哽咽,向被害人多次鞠躬道歉。综合各方意见,检察机关认为阿辰主观恶性小,系初犯偶犯,有悔罪表现,且有监管条件,得到被害人谅解,无 社会危险性,没有逮捕的必要。相关的主题文章: