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Children from poor families in Gansu province can enjoy 12 years of free education — Education — October 10 Beijing Xinhua (Wang Yiding) this afternoon, the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Education Department, Gansu Province issued "on the Gansu Provincial People’s Government on strengthening the implementation of the views of" the plight of children security work, according to the "opinions". Gansu province will implement the plight of children classified security, including strengthening the basic living security, strengthen medical security, strengthen security, strengthen education, strengthen the responsibility of guardianship of children with disabilities welfare services, strengthen the safety protection of the children’s family economic difficulties to provide 12 years of free education including compulsory education, high school education. "Opinions" requirements, the plight of children to implement various types of educational funding policies. The establishment of the mainstreaming of security measures, including children’s family economic difficulties to provide 12 years of free education, including compulsory education, high school education; not suitable for disabled children in ordinary schools in severe, life can take care of themselves, help them to special education schools. "Opinions" provisions, the transfer of the agricultural population and other resident population of migrant children’s compulsory education, education into all levels of government financial security planning and development areas, the full implementation of the policy defined in the entrance exam and accept the secondary occupation education policy of free tuition. "Opinions" also requires strengthening the special class of child welfare agencies and special education schools, child welfare agencies support special education classes in good institutions of special education for children with disabilities and provide special education for disabled children in society. Support for special education schools, access to the park to permit the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and children’s welfare institutions to carry out pre school education. With regard to the positioning of the plight of children, the "opinions" clearly pointed out that the plight of children in 3 categories: (1) the plight of children. Mainly refers to one of the parents of death, illness, disability, a serious illness, severely disabled children; life, medical care, schooling and other difficulties caused by poor families of children (severe disability: vision, hearing, speech disability level, intelligence, mental and physical disabilities of more than two; serious illness: according to our province serious illness relief measures). (two) the plight of children. Mainly due to their own disability (two generation disabled card holder FIMITIC issued) or suffering from major diseases, leading to difficulties in treatment, rehabilitation, care, nursing and social integration of children. (three) children in custody. Mainly refers to the loss of parents, could not find the parents of children; for parents of a dead and missing, remarried, prison, drug treatment, the other party is missing, prison, etc., remarried drug can not fulfill their obligations and duties of guardianship of children; and because of lack of care of family or Guardian not abused, abandoned, as a result of accidental injury, unlawful infringement of personal safety is threatened or violated children. (commissioning editor Wang Yiding and Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: