Get 30 million of the financing of easy to express, so that cloud reimbursement become a good busine wharfedale

Get 30 million of the financing of easy to express, so that cloud reimbursement become a good business? October 25th – the Sohu of science and technology, enterprise and consumer reimbursement management platform to express held a press conference, announced the acquisition of 30 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is invested in, the way cattle net dollar fund DCM. CEO Ma Chunquan said that the money will be used for research and development of products, payment channels and personnel recruitment and management. In June last year, to express once obtained by Ming potential capital and geeks help voted 13 million yuan Pre-A round of financing. Easy express is a free application for reimbursement, object mainly to small and medium enterprises, employees want to simplify the manual filling, paste paper, complex process of financial consolidation, so that the reimbursement of dirty work more efficient and convenient. At present, the number of enterprises covering more than 5 letters, including the Mavericks electric, car and home, such as volt cattle hall. The project has been in charge of the charges, is expected to be on-line by the end of the year. In January this year, the express and nail cooperation. As a SaaS service App platform, easy to express permissions can be set up, submit an expense account, approval and printing, etc.. At the same time supporting the nail on the desktop for batch approval, payment and other operations, saving the time to go through the financial process. Not only that, but also easy to express cut the 2 trillion magnitude of the enterprise consumer market, in cooperation with the relevant platform, current partners include Didi, Ctrip website, covering air tickets and hotel reservation and travel etc.. The user can complete the price and consumption in easy Express Platform for one-stop travel, consumption and management of the "transparent", to help the managers to make cash flow control. As the end of the B service as the core of the enterprise, the future easy to express the hope that it can become a gateway between the enterprise service and enterprise consumption. From the profit model, easy to provide enterprises with SaaS services, charge service fees, while the establishment of express mall, the company’s employees back to the platform, according to the effect of charging fees. Ma Chunquan said: the country is currently registered more than 2100 enterprises, medium-sized enterprises in about 3 million, the industry is very high ceiling." "The core competence of CEO is the ability to finance" in Ma Chunquan before the start, once in the service enterprise software company "UFIDA" for more than 10 years, it also laid the foundation of his business end in B. "Also tried the C side, but still feel more interesting B end services." He said. Now, the office is also easy to express the business incubator in Peking University, the company has only two employees, has now expanded to 50 people. Compared to other competing products, Ma Chunquan believes that the core advantage of easy letters have three points: 1) through the enterprise consumption and reimbursement of the scene; 2) consumer partners widely, can make the enterprise consumer transparency, can save money; 3) the amount of financing to support the development of customers and channels; know Ma Chunquan, summed up his own business, SaaS services, three days is not effective, the customer turned away. The needs of the customer is actually very simple, help me make money, give me.相关的主题文章: