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Give the child a real natural and figurative hometown – Sohu reading to give children a real natural and realistic home to give her a figurative orange hometown father is from Xiangxi, so the oranges are half a Beijing girl, a girl of hunan. Used to think of Xiangxi, I can only think of the bandits, wearing a blouse, not a button, holding a spear. But later, I read Shen Congwen through the aesthetic sense of the mysterious Xiangxi, Qingming, mountains and rivers, and a touch of sadness. We go to Hunan every year, from Changsha to Xiangxi. Here is a hometown of orange, there are seeping into her bones to gene. I used to have no idea about my hometown, because I never left, I was born in Beijing, and I grew up in Beijing. However, my grandparents are northeast, grandparents are from Hebei, the two places appeared in more and more in my heart, like a dim figure in the approaching, becomes clear. The older, the more connected to their own blood and the place is yearning, so, we also hope that the hearts of oranges have a concrete home. It is not just a home now, children, too many things, need to have the temperature of contact. They were kept in the house too much, and had little time to get in touch with the real world. They need to go to nature. It is said that now Chinese pupils myopia rate of more than 40%, while Europe and the United States the same age children myopia rate is less than 10%, the reason is not genetic, caused this phenomenon but because of time, China children played outdoors too little. Travel in the United States, you can fully feel the love of the local people, the same is true of children. The beach is full of free running children, the community’s children’s playground is full of children playing crazy. The children run up to full strength, like a runaway pony, from time to time will come to a cartwheel. That kind of feeling is in fully and delightfully, many Chinese in the city "Sonny" are difficult to understand. I am the Xibe, a nomadic people, I often imagine a horse galloping on the grassland. Now, if I believe in reincarnation, that I have a world that should be spent. So, a gene in the blood, so I always want to put aside these delicate shackles, safety shackles, to embrace the true nature completely informal. Xiangxi is a place worth visiting. Shen Congwen’s "trip to Hunan" said: "I admire my hometown of the river, because it is the same city away, all very simple and wild, not all common forms of life, attitude to life are a little primitive means." All this taught Shen Congwen to think and write, and it will teach us a lot. Orange more than two years old, by the "eleven" holiday time, we took her for the first time into Xiangxi, into the mountains between the flood. The first awareness of children more than we imagined "rugged", be bold in the nature of "Stocking", is also in this land. Car out of Changsha, to Xiangxi depth, as if into a fairy world hidden. Pass a bank, we get off. Autumn in Hunan, water has been.相关的主题文章: