Gongcheng men stole the dog caught the villagers Lynch for compensation yezimei

Gongcheng: men stole the dog caught the villagers Lynch for Southern Gongcheng morning news (reporter Deng Zhenfu) in October 3rd, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County Ping Xiang Ma Huang Tang Cun, a man stealing a dog village by the villagers, the villagers will hang up in the dog man’s neck. Man’s friend then rushed over, paid 10 thousand yuan compensation, the man was able to leave. The man suspected to be made. The network image recently, a netizen posted a Gongcheng forum, said the thieves take crossbow village to steal the dog by the villager "alive", and with the scene. Reporters saw a picture of a man hanging on the neck of a dog kneeling on the ground. Post said, the villagers caught the thieves, although very angry, but did not hit him, but after giving the appropriate lessons and lose money, will let the. In October 7th, the South China Morning Post reporter went to the village of Ping An Xiang leech to understand the situation, a villager told reporters in the village, they raised a lot of dogs, the morning of October 3rd, there is a strange man village, suspicious appearance and movements. The weather was very hot that day, everyone was wearing a short sleeved, but this man was wearing a coat. Some villagers have been aware of the man, then see the man took out a crossbow, ready to shoot the dog. It is found that the man stole gouzei, the young men in the village will control the man, and the man seized a crossbow and some lethal. According to the man he said, after entering the village, in a place where no one will be fired with a crossbow, lethal dog, dog poisoning after the needle immediately fell to the ground. Man will hide the dog, and then continue to find the target. After looking for the villagers, found that the man had stolen 4 dogs that day. Reporters asked the villagers how to deal with the day to steal a dog man, the villagers are reluctant to say. In this regard, Gongcheng County Public Security Bureau Ping police station responsible person, after the incident, the villagers did not alarm, but to steal gouzei who after treatment. The police station rushed to the village, the man’s friends have to pay 10 thousand yuan in compensation, the villagers have let a man leave. The responsible person said, to steal gouzei, generally not up to the standard of criminal cases, suspects are generally dealt with by administrative detention and fines, the villagers feel that the crackdown is not big, sometimes choose to deal with. He reminded, caught thieves or to choose, alarm processing, their lynching is illegal disposal. Related: "Gongcheng people" and "Gang stealing a dog a month to steal the dog 100 yuan a catty bar sold to Guangxi Yulin" Guilin "killed villagers: steal gouzei was dead by the threat of poison crossbow (map)"相关的主题文章: