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Good temper, how important to women in the end? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "heart" face feelings every time lover long time did not contact me, my heart is very chaotic, irritability, want to read is "TA may happen", or "we have an accident", cannot read what other aspects are better, is the face of emotion, always so uneasy; see children don’t study hard, I was angry and sad, think if he scores do not go, do not love learning, we work so hard, husband and wife to raise him, but efforts were in vain; and when my colleagues and supervisors have different opinions, I very nervous, or to suppress their, resentment, or completely broke out, resulting in difficult to clean up the consequences of hindsight really should not, but I was already unable to control. Are you familiar with the emotional and psychological conflicts? In our ordinary life, every day is not staged a variety of emotional shock, emotional suffering experience it? So, in addition to singing "life is like a linen, there is little lumps from ridicule, in addition to" cried, Tucao and then continue to endure, what we can do for their own feelings? The experience of feeling perceiving emotion from the beginning, aware of the emotion of the moment, try to fully experience the feeling in the moment, try to close the heart to Lenovo, back in the past pent up emotional experience, promote wound healing, to achieve spiritual growth. Emotions, not simply from the outside world. Through the present or confusion, or pure emotion, we can understand the desire, the probing of unconscious fantasy, to a deeper understanding of yourself and heal yourself, and all the premise is that we can perceive emotion, emotion and friendly. If you have self repression, dare not touch your feelings; if you would continue to follow the rational thinking, the master speaks of strict logic to see their own, avoid helplessness and vulnerability, fear of losing control; if you want to be responsible for their own emotions and feelings from chaos, gradually sort out the order, emotional farewell depressed and vulnerable, to achieve effective management of emotion. 1, the mood is a subjective experience, not only from the outside world, but also with the experience of life in the past, caregivers’ emotional education level, especially the trauma experience. Radical and messy emotions, often is the past and present, the two time in the uncomfortable feeling, in the moment, in the loss of awareness and superposition of regulation under the condition of harassing the consciousness; without integration wound, touched at the moment, emotional reaction, will produce a burst of extreme emotional energy; like meditation, yoga, and, ultimately to truthfully, truthfully on the experience from the shackles of past experience, as much as possible so that the emotional experience fresh and pure, be free. 2, the emotion experience is just a clue, if we can observe and understand between the emotion of the moment and the environment, as well as the past life of the three links, you can release growth)相关的主题文章: