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Gouxue! Julie Pitt divorce was written a number of script information times news application for divorce with Peter Julie came too suddenly, the network can be expected to appear a hubbub. Angelina Julie’s "the mistress" story turned pot, two people rich and was a love affair in the past took out the number again, there are a lot of "tap water" to boil Chicken Soup for the spectators, cautioned that "marriage is the tomb of love to be". However, compared with the brain hole enthusiasts interpretation of this divorce, in front of all inventory seems to have become boring. Since the "Juppe" love since it has been a valuable material for brain hole enthusiasts love dynamic between Hollywood superstar. From marriage to divorce in just two years, their story is enough derived from several thrilling drama. This can not help but sigh, Hollywood superstar seems to have a variety of road is not clear. Thematic planning Huang ho topic Author Information Times reporter Ji Yuanyuan – a divorce plot, wrote a script "Juppe" divorce, not simply the signature, the two famous property, too many children to split things up with the number of fingers. What’s more, the reason of divorce is also the indispensable talk of gossip spectators. However, the divorce petition is not clear, Julie’s lawyer also responded: "Julie in order to maintain family health and make this decision." This is the way to convey vague information, it is really necessary to open a hole. "Juppe" divorce this simple plot, brain hole enthusiasts has now given the following a script. A script: domestic violence refers to alcohol and drug abuse suspense drama, Pete Julie exploded for divorce, let Peter be taken by surprise, given the initial guess is hearsay, Julie could not bear Peter on the child’s education, two people have great differences, often quarrel because of this, Julie did not want to let the children see their parents not harmonious, so determined to divorce…… Originally, this is a study of parents for their children’s education differences of ordinary family drama, but with all the brain hole is bigger and bigger, the story was developed into a violent suspense drama monk. At the beginning of the news sources said, Pitt has marijuana abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, and become very irritable, Julie think Pitt will have a negative impact on children. Public opinion began to Peter labeled as a bad father, Peter and doubt whether because of these bad habits and the existence of the problem of domestic violence. Continue to advance the story, Peter responded by "explode", that Julie deliberately discredit themselves, let her to occupy a favorable position in the competition for child custody case. Peter Julie also believes that this is the child pushed to the front of the public, to each other to do so is "open the gates of hell". However, there are holes in the opposite direction, there is a fact that Pitt can not stand Julie eat less, and drink every night, it seems to give this once bad girl labeled a bad mother label. Previously passed more than 36 kilograms of Julie weight, health concerns. )相关的主题文章: