Grassroots director in Harbin beat the Internet Movie hits up to 10 million people txplatform

Grassroots director shot in Harbin network movie hits up to millions of people "network" network movie, refers to the investment lasts for more than 60 minutes in one million yuan, only through the video website, distribution, broadcast 6 minutes after the charges in the platform, and will be effective online clicks into revenue of digital products, the industry was called "large". Large film strong momentum in recent years, data show that Iqiyi launched online movies, this year will be more than 2000…… According to incomplete statistics from the municipal television association: as of September this year, has more than a dozen people and Harbin film lovers make "large" movie online. What people in Harbin during the filming of "large", "large", why take a local "network" to make money? With this question, the reporter visited the industry, understanding behind the insider — Practice of dreams: "sissy" into "large" big coffee Xie Yunpeng first became famous in the "night of Harbin" in the play and Li Xiaoran blind "sissy", the "shock" made him a graduated from the Institute of physical education of athletes in the film arena. In order to raise money to make a TV show, he sold the house, the most difficult time, and even the parents of the house mortgage film. He filmed a public film "who loves you", written expression of brotherhood and publicize the legal spirit of "northeast" rookie, there are two investors to buy his screenplay shoot movie theaters, but Xie Yunpeng insisted on his director, finally found investors take "large". Xie Yunpeng eventually became a city beat "large" of success. He made the director of "northeast rookie" investment of about one million yuan, and now the whole network broadcast, click rate has reached about 30000000 passengers, traffic Iqiyi alone had about 6000000 people, payment of nearly about 700000 yuan, there are 9 sites to the settling time, a rough estimate of payment also earn more than one million. This film to make money, investors have to put the film remake of a movie. Hongkong screenwriter Zhang carbon took a fancy to Xie Yunpeng’s new "my new girlfriend" for his investment shooting. Xie Yunpeng said: "the network" through the new media platform to allow more people to see your work. Independent production: Cinema director shot "network" Wang Shanyu in Harbin cinema more than and 10 years, the occupation actor has been underappreciated, finally resigned to drift north, to practice their own ideals. Last year he returned to his hometown, was invited to direct a movie "the last testimony", has just won the two Russian Amur Film Festival awards. He felt that the film director is confined too much, they wrote the script "lovemaking in action", is a detective investigating the marital status of modern life comedy. A couple of film circle after reading the script, decided to invest 1 million yuan in the filming of "large" film immediately. The two holes in the industry for many years to walk the lake, there is a vision to see the script. Wang Shanyu, director, screenwriter, actor Liu Tiezhu shares, investment funds Su snow Jiao, 9 in Harbin at the end of the boot. In order to save money, the crew can the position, director and actor, stage manager and the keeper, the couple is the producer and producer of co-ordination, mom to do three meals for the crew every day, seven)相关的主题文章: