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Guangdong’s response to the typhoon "Aere" – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Guangdong’s response to the typhoon "Aere" October 7 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter He Linping) the typhoon "Aere" step by step the trend of major meteorological disasters in Guangdong Province Office 7 days 16 when upgrading weather disasters (typhoons) III emergency response emergency response grade. 7 days 15 when, "Aere" has intensified into a severe tropical storm level, the center is located in the northeastern South China Sea from 280 kilometers southeast of Hongkong, near the center of the largest wind 10 (25 m / sec). Is expected to "Aere" intensity will gradually strengthen, the strongest possible typhoon level (Level 12); will be 5 to 10 kilometers per hour to the northwest direction, tends to move to the eastern sea, about 100 kilometers from the eastern coast of the sea, there is likely to continue to move north, in 9 days with the strong tropical storm or typhoon level (11 or 12) in Huilai to the coastal areas between Shenzhen landing, there may be folded to the southwest, towards western Guangdong and Eastern Hainan. These two possibilities will have a serious impact on the cities and counties in eastern guangdong. 8 to 10 days, the north of the South China Sea, East Guangdong and the Pearl River Estuary sea level 8 – 10 winds; heavy rain and heavy rain in eastern Guangdong city. (commissioning editor: Wu Ruo, Shuai Jun)

广东应对台风“艾利”–江西频道–人民网 原标题:广东应对台风“艾利” 人民网广州10月7日电 (记者贺林平)鉴于台风“艾利”步步紧逼的态势,广东省重大气象灾害应急办公室7日16时升级气象灾害(台风)Ⅳ级应急响应为Ⅲ级应急响应。 7日15时,“艾利”已加强为强热带风暴级,其中心位于距离香港东南方向280公里的南海东北部海面上,中心附近最大风力10级(25米秒)。预计“艾利”强度将逐渐加强,最强可能达台风级(12级);将以5到10公里的时速向偏西北方向移动,趋向粤东海面,移到距粤东海岸100公里左右的海面后,有可能继续向偏北方向移动,于9日以强热带风暴或台风级别(11级或12级)在惠来到深圳之间沿海地区登陆,也有可能折向西南方向,趋向广东西部和海南东部。这两种可能性都将给粤东市县带来严重影响。8日―10日,南海北部海面、粤东和珠江口外海面有8级―10级大风;粤东市县有大雨到暴雨。 (责编:吴若、帅筠)相关的主题文章: