Guangzhou Honda crown road will be officially off the assembly line on October 29th (video)

Guangzhou Honda crown road officially off the assembly line will be listed on October 29th Honda crown road in Zengcheng on October 18, 2016 officially off the assembly line, it is reported that the new car will be officially listed in October 29th. According to the previous message, crown road pre listed 5 models equipped with 2.0T power, two drive and four-wheel drive options. According to the Guangzhou Honda dealers said crown four-wheel drive version of the road started pre-sale price of 300 thousand yuan. Crown road is currently the largest body of Honda’s domestic SUV models, the future is expected to provide 1.5T models. Guangzhou Honda crown road guidance price models for 370TURBO 9AT Elite Edition to be released 370TURBO 9AT Deluxe Edition -370TURBO 9AT exclusive edition AWD-370TURBO 9AT GLS AWD-370TURBO 9AT Extreme Edition AWD- Zhao Pu take you five minutes to read the Honda crown road is Guangzhou Honda crown road entry models only provide Hoft Elite Black Pearl White two kinds of body color, interior only available in black. While the remaining models provide black brown interior, body color with Black Pearl White Hoft Ruby Red Amber gold gold available in the desert. Honda crown road appearance draws inspiration from the Concept D concept car, wing chrome grille can also in the new Honda accord (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) see models. The new car headlights using LED lamp group, collocation of "C" shaped front bumper lamp group. The new car uses sliding back design, the larger the rear window tilt angle. A new car based on wheelbase 2820mm, officially announced that its competitors will be the Highlander (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Buick Ang Curvey (ginseng, pictures, such as inquiry) and medium SUV, however, the new car only 5 seat version. New car interior with a more symmetrical T font design, the overall layout is more regular. The interior suspected by the large area of soft material and decorative wood. The new large size control display using the suspension design, the air outlet is located on both sides of a flying wing design. The new car is equipped with three multi-function steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, electronic parking brake, a key to start, rear air outlet and configuration. Guangzhou Honda crown road equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum power 200kW (272PS), peak torque is 370Nm, matching 9 speed automatic transmission, providing standard sports comfort of the 3 driving modes.相关的主题文章: