Hedong District to set up a wandering Inn for begging people to build a temporary home ssport

Hedong District to set up a "wandering Inn for begging people to build a temporary home Hedong District is located in the downtown area, bus station, subway station, more square, bridge and culvert, these public places are begging personnel intensive activities of the region, but also social security problem is prominent, the case of multiple regions. In order to do a good job in the management of vagrants and beggars relief, District Civil Affairs Bureau established a government led, led by the civil affairs department responsible for social participation mechanism. According to the actual situation, the establishment of the District, Hedong District Street, in three dimensional relief network platform, the 12 Street 161 community street begging rescue information and contact Engineer for the record, to ensure that personnel fixed and smooth channels of communication. In the area of community-based relief management, through the issuance of promotional materials, publicity, publicity to set up relief assistance billboards, contact cards, announced 24 hours hotline, published information and other forms of aid agencies to intensify propaganda. According to the change of weather and season Zhuangan begging for 24 hours on duty system of the community street, implement the "zero report" system, in special sections focus on inspections, do not stay dead, do the normal management. The District Civil Affairs Bureau through the integration of existing resources, to attract social forces to participate in, on 2013 in the city within the scope of the establishment of the first "drifting station", for Vagrants and beggars hold up a temporary home, solved due to lack of specialized rescue mechanism caused by the rescue work is not timely, the situation is not completely. Since the "drifting station" was established by the end of 2015 has a total of 374 passengers relief, the cumulative expenditure of begging 732 thousand and 900 yuan of special funds. Hedong District Civil Affairs Bureau to do a good job in the daily life of relief, while constantly improving the working mechanism of the rescue of vagrants and beggars, urban life without vagrants and beggars personalized relief. Since the "drifting station" was established, Hedong District Civil Affairs Bureau, always adhere to the supervision and management of the post, post supervision to strengthen self construction, standardize basic accounting and daily work, and constantly improve the management system of the post, to the vagrants and beggars in the most timely and basic living allowances for vagrants and beggars hold a warm "home". Hedong District, relying on the "drifting station", in the winter of 2015 to carry out the "sharing the sun, warm winter" as the theme of the special relief work, and effectively protect the vagrants and beggars in the area of basic living and life safety, send a warm and caring for them in the winter. Special relief work carried out during the winter, there are 17 vagrants and beggars have been effectively relief, 2 of them get relief for Vagrants and beggars in inn. The successful operation of the wandering Inn, begging work must, by rescue personnel words is the largest relief work support. Hedong District Civil Affairs Bureau will be a high degree of political responsibility and a strong sense of mission, continue to do a good job in the rescue and protection of vagrants and beggars, and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, so we should save to save, save the need to save.相关的主题文章: