Hefei train station square on New Year’s debut closed for nearly 2 years during the Spring Festival cancam

Hefei train station square on New Year’s debut: closed for nearly 2 years during the Spring Festival traffic will improve the information map of Xin’an Anhui evening news network news ( ); closed construction nearly two years before the HeFei Railway Station square in January next year is expected to put into use, which means that during the spring Festival near the traffic situation will be improved. HeFei Railway Station square comprehensive renovation project aims to create a "progress under the" three-dimensional transportation hub. After the transformation of the HeFei Railway Station square is divided into square ground layer and the underground layer two parts. According to the reform plan released earlier, the Plaza adopts symmetrical layout, the central region for the evacuation square, West bus station, non motor vehicle parking lot, Eastern Construction for taxi and social vehicle drop off area and large car parking lot; two layer structure is adopted in the design of the basement, the basement for the western hub transfer hall, north the station and station connected south through orbit 1st line train station transfer station; and the Middle East for taxi station and social vehicle parking lot. Underground two layers for all social vehicle parking. After the completion of the two can provide parking spaces of the 490, including a negative layer of the first, the negative layer of 239 – 251, a total of two. Square renovation is completed, the outbound passengers from the station out of the negative layer, can be through the seamless transfer hub transfer hall subway, taxi, or by escalator to reach the ground bus station take the bus and other vehicles. Reporter yesterday learned from the construction site, the site earthwork Sinotrans has been completed, the main structure completed a total of 92%, the East has 90% completed the backfill, in addition, the affiliated project has already begun construction steel. According to the project plan, this month, the entire square main structure will be completed before October 1st, the eastern affiliated construction basically completed, road and drainage works completed, with temporary release conditions. Wang Wenxia newspaper reporter Wu Jing editor: Wu Yuefeng相关的主题文章: