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Arts-and-Entertainment Jimmy Choo a symbol of quality Jimmy Choo Shoes , Malaysian-born leading footwear designers, Empire Medal winner was the late British Princess Diana, the Queen’s shoemaker. Always take the noble style of its design, produce is both inside and outside the shoe can have type while feet are very .fortable to wear. Jimmy Choo shoe brand in recent years, the heady, highly sought after actress in Hollywood is every girl’s dreams of fashion footwear. Introduction: Recently, the fashion brand Choo released CHOO 24/7 series of new products, re-create the image of urban women’s fashion icon. This time, Jimmy Choo released CHOO 24 / 7 series a total of 8 new single shoes, each designed to and attractive. Jimmy Choo shoe brand in recent years, the heady, highly sought after actress in Hollywood is up to the dream of every fashion footwear. Jimmy Choo’s design has always been to go the noble route and design can be produced both inside and outside, while a type, very .fortable foot wear. Now, the beauty Xiaobian network for you fashionistas to introduce Jimmy Choo latest CHOO 24/7 series. Jimmy Choo nude color this bright leather high-heeled shoes are very elegant, with open toe and open field with the same design with a full female elegance. This golden Jimmy Choo high heeled sandals, fashion leather mirror degree class, with double buckle ankle design, the most frequently participated in fashion for their party’s MM. Hollow of the high-heeled Jimmy Choo sandals this very unique design, the central front with zipper design, will make you be.e the focus of the audience. Jimmy Choo nude color of this light to a slope with a very eye-catching sandals, ankle with a buckle design, simple wild. This bright side of Jimmy Choo high-heeled sandals leather design is unique, with rear zipper with a full urban women’s fashion charm. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: