Holidays and how the ancient holiday Favorite Holiday Dynasty which is (video)

Holidays, the ancients how to enjoy the holiday is the favorite of the Dynasty and the parents of the painting short: how ancient Chinese Spring Festival holiday home? Original title: Holiday favorite holiday holiday to the dynasty which is seven days a week, two days over the weekend to rest, the scheduling calculation, for Chinese, is full of "exotic": the "Bible" in the story, God for five days to create the time all sixth days, seventh days, making people the rest of the day of god. Today, we are very used to this arrangement, but for the Chinese people, there is no "Bible" story derived from the tradition of work and rest, how do they leave? Which dynasty has the longest holiday? A few years ago, we were keen to discuss the question of "if you go back to ancient times, which dynasty you want to go to", if you consider the vacation system, will you make different decisions? Today, we look for answers from the rolls of books. Tang before the holiday as a whole, the ancient Chinese holiday system is divided into two lines: first, statutory holidays and vacations, and the two is a regular holiday in daily life. Different dynasties have different regulations on the two holidays. Due to the lack of documentation, it is difficult to verify the official holidays of the Qin dynasty. But at that time there have been some public holidays in many folk festivals and traditions, such as Shangsi, Chongyang, December, used to be held in public worship and recreational activities. This is also followed by future generations, often encountered in the winter solstice, the first month of a public holiday arrangements. In the Han Dynasty, the official holiday system was formally established. "Chinese law" provisions of the "officials five days have a short rest to bathe, wash Mu", when officials in five working days for official residences, sixth day "vacation days" to go home to visit parents, bath rest. Five days off, and today looks very similar, but, in order to ensure the normal operation of the business, the Han Dynasty’s "vacation" with the rest of the way, there is no so-called fixed "Saturday" to rest, according to officials of each different, staggered vacation time. At the same time, the Han Dynasty also formed a "Ning Ning" (that is, because of the cause of the matter or the death of their parents), "give" (that is, because of the cause of the work) and get the emperor granted indefinite holidays. Tang and Song Dynasties and the Tang Dynasty official holiday vacation, and made three major adjustments: one is the special holidays began to increase, on the basis of the original, in the Mid Autumn Festival, cold food, and so on have holiday. The emperor, the Queen’s birthday anniversary, a holiday, "Tang Huiyao" contains: "Kaiyuan seventeen years in August 5th, the prime minister left the stem, Yao right Prime Minister Zhang said on the table, please refer to the day as Qianqiu Festival, with a cloth in the world, so that the salt to make vacation, the so-called" day "is the Xuanzong birthday of Li Longji, a descendant of Emperor Tang wind, imitate. On holiday items are also more diverse, in addition to the accident, fake sick leave, family leave, the Tang Dynasty also added "resort" and "false marriage", is the use of the vernacular said: the weather is very good, want to go out to play, a holiday! Their marriage, friends get married, want to eat them, holiday! Happy at the same time, there is a price for the Tang Dynasty, the Han Dynasty by regular vacation, five days off to "late Hugh, officials every ten days in a day off. The Song Dynasty general Cheng Tang, but also a renovation, that now, the Song Dynasty is probably the most happy Dynasties: one year holidays)相关的主题文章: