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Fashion-Style There are some occasions in life when the dress code calls for formal shoes. If you are not used to wearing these shoes, then you may have difficulty finding a decent pair. However, the shoes are fundamental to formal attire, and so it is important to understand how to choose a pair of shoes for a formal occasion. Here, we will help you to do that. Within a formal setting, it is very important that you make the right decision. You will set yourself apart-and not in a good way-if you fail to dress well. In some instances, the results can be disastrous. For example, it could make the difference between you getting a job and you being rejected for a job. The interviewer may make an instant judgement about you based on your shoes, and this could make your job of ‘winning them over’ ten times as hard. If you walk in making the right impression, you have already scored some much valued points: first impressions count; they can be undone, but it takes a lot of work, so you might as well get it right first time. In the past, it was easier to choose shoes as a man. We were very limited on style, design and colour. Today, though, there is a huge range of shoes, both formal and informal. This is a double-edged sword because it gives us choice, which is good, but then it makes it harder to make a decision, which is bad. The following tips will help you to make the best choices for your situation. Match the shoes to the outfit: you need to make sure that your shoes match your outfit. This is not simply a matter of matching colour and style, but also in matching quality, too. For instance if you have a very high quality suit, you will need to buy high quality shoes, such as those by Jeffery West. If you don’t you will create an incongruous look and it will look odd. If you cannot afford to buy both an expensive suit and an expensive pair of shoes, then you should buy a less expensive suit because that will look better than the mismatch described above. Something that men often overlook is matching their accessories to their shoes. When you choose a pair of shoes, you need to make sure that they will match your belt and your tie, as well. Again, colour and style are important, but so too is quality. You can wear smart shoes to semi-formal occasions, too, but if you do, you must play down the rest of your outfit. For example, it is perfectly legitimate to wear a pair of Jeffery Wests with a pair of jeans. However, don’t underplay it too much you don’t want to cause too much of a discrepancy. For this reason, you will need to choose a nice pair of tailored jeans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: