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Ethics Where does teasing start and where does discrimination end? This has always been the question most people have been wondering, especially if they had enough of all the "teasing" that they have been getting. Maybe someone drops in a not-so-subtle .ment about their skin color or their racial origin. Maybe there’s this guy who .ments that you dress funny, or that your religious holiday is weird. A lot of these things do not require the attention of the court, but there are other things that do, and this is where we try to focus our attention. Inter office relations and inter .pany relations are two different things. There are some things that an employee may do to you, and you can only sue the employee, not the .pany. And then there are forms of harassment that may immediately hold the .pany responsible. But let’s talk about the .pany harassing you. Business practices of accepting an application, promoting an employee, or employee-boss sessions are standard in any .pany. Discrimination happens when you are voided of these because of the concern of your skin color or race. If you are an applicant that was rejected, but clearly your experience outweighs that of the next guy, and the officer cannot give a valid reason for your rejection; that would be discrimination. If your boss decides to promote the new guy, while you have loyally served the country for twenty years, and he can’t give a valid reason; that could be discrimination. If you see some of your same-colored colleagues getting the same treatment of being denied promotions, it is not far-fetched to claim that there is foul play involved. Getting easy jobs that is way below your qualifications is also grounds for discrimination by under working though it does not count for harassment. Being given harder assignments which is beyond your scope of training counts for discrimination, especially if your lighter-colored peers get easy ones. If you notice that almost all of you are segregated in one part of the office, it could count as discrimination. The thing is, being required to do things outside your job description can be grounds for discrimination. Especially if you notice that it is only you guys that are getting this special treatment, you could assume that it would be discriminatory behavior taking place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: