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Finance 1. Notarize your passport (have to be valid) 2. Learn all the information about Swiss bank account: About Our Service Many people ask themselves the question how to open a bank account in another country. Offshore banking services are usually available for citizens around the world, most of the time it means that you will have to go to the bank in person in order to open a bank account. Our service offers to open a Swiss bank account in a major Swiss bank without having to make a trip to Switzerland that would end up costing a lot of money and time. We are specialists in Swiss banking and have opened over a hundred Swiss bank accounts for clients all over the world. And in four years in the business, we can gladly say that our .pany had never failed to open a Swiss bank account for any client. Why a Swiss bank account? Swiss bank accounts are offering the client full privacy regarding his business and transactions, any bank in Switzerland have to obey the rule of banking secrecy and if they fail to obey it then they had .mitted a crime and could be on trail for that. Swiss banks are very professional and have experience with major .panies and personal clients around the world for dozens of years. What is a numbered Swiss bank account? Numbered Swiss bank accounts are not anonymous bank accounts as many people make a mistake. The idea behind numbered Swiss bank accounts is that the client does not have to reveal his name or personal information in order to accept or send payments and for other various of transactions. Nevertheless, the bank will have all the information of the bank account owner like any usual bank account. Bank Information We are working with various of major Swiss banks in Switzerland, but we are trying to work with the best banks according to the client’s needs, here is some information about one of our most Major Swiss banks. The Swiss bank we facilitate opening your personal account is a world class service. was established in 1855 and has been listed on the European Stock Exchange since 1863. They have a sterling reputation and are a household name in over 20 countries worldwide. Per year end 2001, assets under management exceeded 48 Billion USD and sales of 13 Billion USD. Tax evasion Tax evasion does not considered a crime in Switzerland, and therefore if you are not paying tax in the country which you residents in, then you didn’t .mit any crime from the Swiss government point of view. If the country which you live in finds out that you evaded tax, Then you’re vulnerable in your own country, depends on the local rules. but, still, you can rest assured that the Swiss bank will not reveal any of your private or financial information as they are not allowed to according to Swiss secrecy rules. Account opening procedure After making the payment All you need to do is to spare 2 minutes of your time and fill up an online form. Few days later you will receive a Fedex package including your account info. You will be asked to sign 2 forms , add a Notarized passport copy and mail it back to Switzerland. After that you will receive a Fedex package including your account information and password for online banking. 3. .plete the payment on the website and the service will begin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: