Hsu Chi tens of millions of marriage room in the exposure of friends in the mansion of the fighter j musiland

Hsu Chi Stephen Fung do marriage room exposed users: luxury in the fighter Sina entertainment news on September 26th, a micro-blog, the exposure of Hsu Chi Stephen Fung in the wedding room location, according to the revelations, Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung two people will house election in Taipei Lake Road of success in four, the marriage room area of about 235 square meters, including three bedrooms the value estimate of about 15 million yuan. A lot of friends broke the news propaganda: "this is simply called luxury fighter!" Hsu Chi Stephen Fung, according to the exposure of the room photos, Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung two people love luxury decoration, interior space is great, many netizens shouted: "see after the goddess so worried that you’ll get lost in your own home!" It is understood that the marriage room interior decoration using Japanese materials, warm white, European style simple wind. In addition to large internal space, the external environment is also first-class. Not only with the air garden, a small golf course, and the walls using infrared surveillance cameras, security measures to improve. It is reported that two people near the mansion there are many TV stations, many stars are living in the lake and anchor in this area, such as pig Show Luo, singer Rachel Liang. But also because the two nest built so beautiful, with many users point of praise: "good money!" For two people love nest building many fans have sent two people to the wedding blessing, a fan of Hsu Chi: "big house is not important, your happiness is the most important!" (Intern Chenxuan Wen Wen fat)相关的主题文章: