Huangpu District CCTV exposure in response to the new Yu Garden and parking fees (video) peepsamurai

Huangpu District responded CCTV exposure Yu Garden and new world parking situation of Shanghai Huangpu District Transportation Commission in response to exposure of parking lot fees will regulate the special rectification the parking place according to the Shanghai Huangpu, CCTV reported recently exposed near Yu Garden in Huangpu District and the new world two space parking lot turned illegal charges, the Huangpu District Transportation Commission attaches great importance to the first time to verify the situation. And take corrective measures. After investigation and verification of the situation is as follows: 1, near the High Pier Street near Yu Garden, an open space for the demolition of Huangpu District, is now used to auction official vehicles temporary parking space. Recently, some official vehicles after the auction, empty parking spaces are used for parking management to social vehicles. 2, new horizons near Lake Road, Ji’an Road, a relocation space, by the Shanghai lingkray Construction Development Co. Ltd. management, for temporary parking illegally parked vehicles, patrol vehicles and old large vehicles; to ease the Huaihailu Road enterprises around the problem of parking, the parking staff of some enterprises around the vehicle, to regulate parking. Corrective measures: 1, to further standardize the Huangpu District area demolition and clearing management for Yu Garden area including the demolition of vacant High Pier Street site, commissioned by the Huangpu District professional parking management company unified management, strict distinction between internal and public parking area for private parking open; social vehicle behavior, November 4th in the afternoon after the CCTV broadcast reports, by the market supervision and Management Bureau immediately investigate and deal with illegal income shall be confiscated. For Lake Road, Ji’an road a demolition space, before November 10th, according to the "ordered rectification notice" requirements of the implementation of the rectification. Because the staff parking surrounding business vehicles, parking demand and the existence of social phenomenon, the Huangpu District Transportation Commission ordered Shanghai lingkray Construction Development Co. Ltd., temporary staff repaying enterprises around the vehicle to handle the relevant business license for public development, alleviate the problem of parking around Huaihailu Road. In November 7th, I appointed will check all the region’s relocation space, has handled public parking lot management record site, to further standardize the management of parking parking fees, demanding the implementation of "two lines of revenue and expenditure" on the part of foreign business management; meet the standards, but not yet for the business licensing site, first off. To handle the public parking lot management for the record, open to the public; do not conform to the standards of foreign business site, immediately return, shall be banned. 2, the parking place standard special rectification Huangpu District Relations Committee will conduct special rectification of the standard parking place, through self-examination, inspection and other forms, to further standardize the behavior of service charges, according to the existing problems in a timely manner to improve and strengthen supervision. All parking fees in the region should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of self-examination, and the relevant staff to carry out standardized management training for a variety of illegal parking fees charged phenomenon, once found serious treatment. 3, welcome to the public through the complaint telephone supervision and reporting for parking fees in Huangpu District is not standardized phenomenon, the public are welcome to call the complaint report. The following is a complaint call: Huangpu District 53089519, Huangpu District, the establishment of diplomatic relations committee of the (legal branch). Shanghai Huangpu District City Traffic Commission fingertips, traffic violation inquiries at any time!)相关的主题文章: