Hunan college entrance examination next year in November 1st will be required to start online regist cashmere mafia

Hunan college entrance examination next year starting in November 1st through the online registration shall be the original title: next year the university entrance exam in November 1st started the newspaper Changsha news on October 1st, the Hunan Provincial Education Examination Yuan announced "notice" on the 2017 college entrance examination registration work, 2017 entrance examination all colleges and Universities in Hunan province unified registration time for the November 1, 2016 to 10. Candidates are required to pass online registration. All candidates to participate in college entrance examination to participate in college entrance examination. In addition to apply for household registration Enrollment Requirements for candidates, graduates assigned to the school where the city entrance examination department of the application point of application, specify the previous graduates to account for the location of the city entrance examination department registration registration, cross city state or cross County registration of candidates registration, determined by the relevant state city the entrance examination department. Intends to apply for the minority college preparatory class enrollment, special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment of rural students enrollment, special programs, special programs for rural students, rural order directed free medical students, free normal students enrollment plan and other household registration Enrollment Requirements for candidates, at the residence where the county (city, district) registration. Hunan, Tibet, mainland class candidates enrolled in their secondary school. Applicants should submit my second generation ID card (or secondary), high school diploma (graduate examination by the province household register management department, the State Department of education graduates roster) or equivalent certificate. The provincial residence of migrant workers’ children when the college entrance examination, must submit their parents in more than 1 years of local residence permit (including employment information, real estate license or lease contract etc.) as well as my school certification materials. Registration, candidates log in Hunan province college entrance examination information management platform (candidate version), read the examination and examination of the integrity of the candidates and confirm the consent of the content before the online registration. (reporter Fan Intern Jiang Manjiao) video recommendation: Hunan college entrance examination reform! Regardless of the implementation of the "3+3" system of Science相关的主题文章: