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Arts-and-Entertainment Once when I was a kid, I was in a Christmas story. Well, it was actually a Christmas play. I can’t remember a whole lot about the Christmas play but I’m sure it was like most Christmas plays. It had sets that included a simple interior and a simple exterior. The cast, I’m sure was as flexible as casts could be for an elementary school. The play was actually written by my class. It too was simple. The Christmas play was to be performed during school so we had to make sure we were always on time with each scene, that they took the right amount of minutes to perform. Having young kids for the cast, meant they needed to be controlled or else a Christmas story could turn into a horror story. The class of kids also had to make the set or sets. Have you ever made a set for a Christmas story? It’s not easy. Before you know it minutes turn into hours. The time screams by but the kids were able to do it. The interior set was drawn out on huge sheets of brown paper. Then cast members were responsible to paint it with water paints. After it dried and it took some time to do that, each set sheet was nailed to a simple wooden frame by other cast members. We all had dual roles. We were a flexible cast. The great thing about this simple set for our Christmas story is that the simple exterior set was drawn out and painted on the reverse side of the simple interior set. Too me at that age, that was en genius. I’ve been in other Christmas plays too during other years of my life but this was one time that I actually enjoyed working with the cast and devoting time to make simple interior and exterior sets. I wish I could remember what role I played. I think I was in the cast. As time wears on, my memory fades. As far as I know, now that I think about it, the play may not have been a Christmas story at all, although I believe it was. I’m sure it was. I was just joking with you. I do remember working with cast members on other Christmas plays who weren’t flexible at all. Some of them were considered prima donas, in their own minds at least. Time and patience was always spent trying to sooth their "not so simple" egos. They all thought the Christmas play was about them, written for them especially. Most of the cast was great but there is always one or two that set themselves above the others. Where do these people .e from? Since most of the cast members I was in plays with, were kids, I believe the parents were to blame for this. Stage parents. I would love to write an article about that. Not really, it’s not happy. A play about a Christmas story is always enjoyable. I’ve enjoyed all them as I separate the rotten cast member from those I like. Now that I’m an adult, I would love to participate in a Christmas play or any play for that matter. I think I’m getting a little of the acting bug as I’m writing this article. I hope someone can write one good enough to suit my talents. 99b4bc531aea0d745a7c09a84a581dac About the Author: 相关的主题文章: