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UnCategorized If you stay up to the date on the latest gadgets, you might have .e across a new device that might have confused you a little: the electronic cigarette. It’s a cigarette. And it’s electronic. It’s powered by a battery that can be recharged with a wall, car, or USB charger. The words "cigarette" and "electronic" don’t really go together, so what exactly is this device and what can it be used for? The electronic cigarette is a device that looks exactly like a real tobacco cigarette. Although models will vary and there might be very slight variations in the weight, one end of the e cigarette actually has an orange part and the other end the white paper part, which resemble a tobacco cigarette’s filter and paper, respectively. To take things one step further, the e cigarette also lights up at the end where the mixture normally is when the user takes a puff, simulating the burning of the tobacco. In addition to looking like a real cigarette, the device also emits a vapor that resembles smoke. This vapor, however, contains no odor and does not leave behind a smelly residue. There would be no worry about using the e cigarette indoors and causing the whole place to smell like an ashtray. The vapor is produced from the liquid solution, or e liquid, being heated up by the e cigarette’s atomizer, or the heating element. The liquid solution can .e in different nicotine strengths, including no nicotine, and a wide array of flavors, including the traditional tobacco and menthol and other unconventional flavors, such as cherry, coffee, peach, and apple. One advantage that the e cigarette has that many users and non-users will say is the most important factor is that the e cigarette vapor does not contain the thousands of toxins typically found in cigarette smoke. As we all are aware by now, tobacco cigarette smoke contains over 4,000+ chemicals and toxins, some of which are actually recognized as carcinogens that can cause cancer. The e cigarette vapor contains nowhere near the amount of chemicals in cigarette smoke and does not, according to studies at the current time, contribute to any diseases. Buying cigarettes is expensive. Anyone with a pack-per-day habit can spend anywhere from $140 to $200 in a single month. While the intitial investment of an e cigarette starter kit can run the buyer anywhere from $50 to $100, the cost in refill cartridges and e liquid replenishment pays off in the long run. A single refill cartridge supplements about 15 to 20 cigarettes and at $10 for a 5-pack of cartridges, one can start to see how the savings add up tremendously. Those who would benefit from the e cigarette are smokers who are seeking a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: