In Changzhou zoo, the bear bears the risk of making wild and smashed glass walls (video)shuyue

A zoo in Changzhou bears eat wild smashed the glass wall stuffed 5 dangerous at around 20, Changzhou Yancheng wild animal world bears Museum pedestrian area danger, an adult bear is furious to smash the glass wall, almost escape. 18 night later, the keepers of the garden Bear house, as usual, began collecting cages for brown bears, including a brown bear who kept walking back and forth. The breeder noticed that it was agitated and then lured by food, but the ravenous brown bear ignored the delicacy placed at the door of the cage. Keepers were only able to report up, and the head of the animal management department quickly arrived at the scene, waiting for the brown bear to calm down and watch the brown bear. After field observation, it was found that there were plastic bottles and other food residues such as apples and bananas on the ground. It was judged that the brown bear ate too much food from the tourists, leading to indigestion and manic reaction. In the evening 20 pm, the bear began to keep hitting the cage isolation glass with paws and body, the tempered glass wall appears broken, fortunately the park building is two layers of glass reinforced double insurance. Expand reading real shot, the man was chased brown bear all the way to escape, magic escape

常州一动物园内棕熊吃撑狂暴 拍碎玻璃墙酿险情5日20时左右,常州淹城野生动物世界步行区棕熊馆发生险情,一只成年棕熊暴躁起来,将钢化玻璃墙拍碎,险些逃出。当天晚上18时后,该园棕熊馆的饲养员像往常一样,开始对棕熊进行收笼工作,其中有一只棕熊迟迟不肯回笼,一直来回走动。饲养员察觉它情绪烦躁,随后用食物引诱,但一直贪吃的棕熊对摆在笼舍门口的美食置之不理。饲养员只能向上汇报,该园动物管理部领导迅速到达现场,一边等待棕熊情绪平复下来,一边观察棕熊情况。经过现场观察,发现地面上有游客投喂扔下的塑料瓶以及苹果香蕉等食物残渣,判断是棕熊过多地吃下游客投喂的食物,导致消化不良出现狂躁反应。到了晚间20时左右,这只棕熊开始不停地用熊掌及身体撞击笼舍隔离玻璃,使得钢化玻璃墙内侧出现了碎裂,幸运的是园区馆舍玻璃是两层双保险加固。扩展阅读 实拍男子遭棕熊追赶 一路狂奔神奇逃脱相关的主题文章: