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In the Ding Liuyuan Film Festival "after" interpretation of love woman cited concern – Sohu news Ding Liuyuan film "umbrella head and his woman" stills Sohu entertainment news recently, the first Chinese – Canada International Film Festival in Canada, Montreal, China actress Ding Liuyuan won awards in the film "umbrella head and his woman" in a corner Zhang Ailan won best a successful actress, "after", cited concern at home and abroad. The first "in the film festival" for a period of four days, including international film screenings and awards, a total of 85 great film screenings in the two countries, and produce 13 plus Film Academy award. In the best actress in the competition, from Chinese actress Ding Liuyuan in the film "because of the wonderful interpretation of the umbrella head and his woman" in, with Yan Bingyan and three other finalists Canada won the best actress actress in talent shows itself. In addition, the film "Before the streets" won the best film festival, the Canadian actor Sasha Samar won the best actor award. On the evening of 19, the closing ceremony in the film academy awards ceremony held at Concordia University in Montreal, Columbia University, director of the academic department of management science and technology entertainment and a visiting professor at Arizona State University, Carnegie Mei Long Entertainment Technology Center co-founder Donald Marinelli and Canada Bell center, science and technology and art Union Council member Stephene Couture award winning actress, but because work in the body, Ding Liuyuan was unable to attend, by the famous film director Ding Yinnan took the award. Ding Liuyuan had played Jiang Jie, He Zizhen and many other people for having heard it many times role, shortly before the CCTV hit TV series "Begonia still" in the shape of Premier Zhou Enlai dry daughter Weishi sun brings many surprises and moved to the audience. The film actress made her gains and his "umbrella head woman" is directed by Niu Jianrong, Ding Liuyuan, Peng Jing and Chu Shuanzhong starred in a drama. The film tells the story of the umbrella head and the first artist Nie Deren childhood sweetheart Lv Cuihua, first wife Zhang Ailan love story. Ding Liuyuan’s Zhang Ailan is a traditional Chinese type with great love wife, she was good, simple and kind-hearted, even in the face of her husband was sentenced to chose the magnanimous, but suffering from cancer, life in the most traditional family accompany silent guard. The film released in China in January 9, 2015, Ding Liuyuan Zhang Ailan’s interpretation of penetrating, acting for the audience and the industry.相关的主题文章: