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Insurance Speed thrills but kills! Many people who set for road journeys would find this slogan ubiquitous as while driving you may put at risk the lives of other people who may be pedestrians or people driving other vehicles. Hence, in our country Third-Party Insurance is essential. What is Third party Insurance? First party refers to the insured (beneficiary), second party refers to the Insurance Company (insurer) and the third party refers to the people other than the insured and the insurance provider. Third party insurance provides for the claims in case damage is done to the third party by your vehicle due to road accident. It covers the physical damage of the third-party vehicle, physical injuries to the third party and legal liability that may arise in case of death of the third party. If you car insurance policy just provides third party insurance then any damage that is caused to you (insured) or your vehicle would not be part of the car insurance claim process. Third party insurance just caters to the third party liability. When to file a third-party claim? If you car meets with an accident and the other driver is at fault then you can file a third party claim. If the third party agrees to pay compensation for the damage caused to you or your vehicle without involving the insurance company, then your job is easily done without getting yourself involved in insurance claim process. But in case the damage is high and driver refuses to bear the cost of expenses then go ahead with car insurance claim process. Third-party car insurance claim process 1. Inform police as soon as possible about the accident. 2. Take note of the other drivers car number. 3. Take the drivers details such as his/her contact number. 4. Take the other drivers car insurance detail and inform his/her insurance provider about the accident. 5. If the third partys insurance company finds its client at fault then they would agree to settle the claim after proper investigation. Third-party car insurance claim- A cumbersome task? It is indeed a cumbersome task to extract the rightful money from the third-partys insurance provider as you are not their client. It will try its level best to protect their client as it would be in their own interest also. So, before filing a third party claim pay heed to all the documents required. Police report mentioning the other drivers negligence and eye witness confirming the same would be advantageous. You may even take help of your own insurance provider in asking for the third-party car insurance claim process and guiding you through the same. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: