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UnCategorized If you’re like many Internet business owners you’ve had to ‘bootstrap’ your way to business success. You haven’t received loans or venture capital – you’ve used savings, you’ve reinvested your profits, and you’ve rolled up your sleeves and done just about everything yourself – to get your business up and running. But there’s a point at which where a ‘bootstrapping’ mentality can actually inhibit the growth of your business. This is particularly so when it .es to delegating and outsourcing. While it’s understandable to want to save money by doing as many business tasks as you can yourself, you may be holding your business back by not paying experts to those tasks instead. In fact, even if you are an expert at every single thing in your business, you are still inhibiting the success of your business by not outsourcing. So why pay another person or .pany to take care of responsibilities you are very capable of doing yourself? After all, no one knows what needs to be done better than you. Only you know how you want your website to look. Only you know how to write copy that sells. Only you know how to manage your financial records. Unfortunately, doing everything yourself is not the way to grow a substantial business. And, logically, it’s not the way to grow a business that can function without you – the dream of many Internet business owners. Why? Because while you may (or may not) be able to do everything in your business, there are only a few high value things that require your unique input. By spreading yourself across so many activities you will always limit the time you spend on the highest value activities… which, in turn, limits the sales and profits your Internet business can generate. Imagine the alternative – you only spend your time on the high value tasks, and outsource or delegate the rest. Sure, at first, it may seem like you’re spending more money by hiring people, but by spending a little on people doing the lower value activities – while you devote your time to the high value activities – you will allow your business to grow much more quickly. Long term returns – not short term expenses – are on what’s important here. But, writing web copy is important. So is doing the books. How do you determine which responsibilities you should assume, and which ones should be delegated to others within your .pany or outsourced to outside firms or individuals? The answer is to consider which business activities generate the greatest returns on the investment of your time. Then it’s a matter of .ing up with a plan for spending more of your time doing these activities, and spending less – by delegating or outsourcing – everything else. In fact, once you figure out the return on your time when you spend it on the highest value activities you can calculate precisely how much you can afford to pay someone else to take on the other responsibilities. For example, if you can bring in $200 per hour when you write web copy, while you can pay a bookkeeper $25 per hour to do the accounting… it’s fairly obvious that you should spend more time writing copy and pay someone else to do the books. Now, sometimes the choice is out of your hands. There are times when, despite recognizing the need to outsource, you just don’t have the cash to pay someone else to do various tasks. In that case, it’s still a good idea to prioritize your time so you spend more time on the high value tasks and less time on the low value tasks. Your business will still grow and eventually you’ll be in a position to pay others to help. The main thing is that you lose your attachment to doing everything yourself and embrace outsourcing and delegating. Your Inter. business will thank you for it… and so will you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: