Is Hulk-hogan Ruining Your Health Club-verbal jint

Health Imagine you’re a regular person walking into what you thought was a very high quality health club for the first time. You got a few different recommendations from friends saying it was a great place to go so you thought "hey, I might as well try it out and see if it’s good for me right?" As you’re approaching the doors you hear a loud slamming, and maybe even your feet vibrate a little. As you walk through the door, you look to your left and there’s a Hulk-Hogan looking guy screaming at the top of his lungs and slamming the weights off the floor. How do you think you would feel if you were that person walking through the doors? Assuming you weren’t the same kind of person, don’t you think that would turn you off? There’s nothing wrong with grunting a little while lifting, and dropping the weights a little. However, when people are in your health club and grunting/dropping weights so loud that it’s disturbing everybody in a 100 foot area, the situation needs to be taken care of. So how do you deal with a hulk-hogan kind of guy who thinks he’s special because he’s the biggest person in the room and is there the longest? Well first you need to realize that if he stays, he’s probably costing you a lot of money. Not only is he driving your current clients away and making them go to another place to workout, but when they tell their friends it make the problem even worse. Plus, some people literally won’t go to a gym or health club simply because they’re intimidated by 1 single person and don’t want to go back just in case they’re in the gym when they are! So with that in mind, you need to take him or her aside and simply explain the situation. Let them know that the way they’re acting is unacceptable and even though you don’t personally mind it, it might be causing a problem with your other members. Let them know that they’re absolutely welcome to continue being a member at your health club, however, if you see them continuing to do the same thing, you’ll have to ask them to leave. That’s really about all it takes. They probably won’t be happy with you and will probably put up a fight with you, but stand your ground and keep to your word. Understand that nobody likes to be told what to do, especially people who might be taking steroids and normally have a bit more rage than the average person. One thing you might consider doing is finding a place in your area that doesn’t mind behavior like that. In some areas, there are gyms specially built for "hardcore" bodybuilders, so you might consider calling that owner and asking them if they’d mind if you referred your member to them. Trust me, they’ll love you for it! This might be a challenging situation for you, but you need to convince yourself that they’re costing you money. Look at them and see money getting flushed down the toilet if you have to! Sometimes challenging situations come up and you have to deal with them. Just understand that how you deal with situations like these will many times determine your overall About the Author: 相关的主题文章: