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Business Many manufacturers in India manufacture the products equivalent to European market standards but due to small reason they cant sell it there. What all they need is the approval so that their products can be sold globally too. CE Marking in India .es into picture at that time when the manufacturers seek to make a business globally in the European market as per the European conformity. Thus, CE Mark helps the Indian manufacturers get the approval for their business in Europe. What is CE Marking exactly? CE Marking also known as EC Marking is the mandatory European conformity mark which is to be affixed on all the products sold in European market. These products should fall under the directives published by EU and all the products should have the CE Mark on them. Is CE Mark necessary? CE Mark is certification for the Indian as well as the global manufacturers to make business in the European market. The authorized representatives like importers also need the products with the CE Mark on it. It is essential mark to be affixed on all the products because it indicates that the product .plies with the needful requirements of the relevant health, safety and environmental protection legislation in the Europe. How to get CE Marking in India? ITCIndia helps the manufacturers get the CE Marking for their products in India easily so that their products can get approved in the global market too. They have various methods for doing that and they offer .plete solution of CE Marking certification in India. Also, ITCIndia is the testing .pany with the quality management system as per the ISO 17025. They also have expertise in providing the technical guidance to the CE clients after a proper inspection of the products for getting them approved for the CE Mark. Services of ITCIndia ITCIndia provides necessary services including testing of the products, technical guidance and final documentation too. Their services also include safety testing of products, regular approvals, pre-shipment inspection, environmental testing, EMC/EMI testing, electrical safety audits /PAT and installation qualification. CE Marking generally consumes a lot of time of the manufacturers, however, by taking the services from ITCIndia, manufacturers time will be reduced to apply the CE Mark on all their products. Specialty of ITCIndia ITCIndia is considered as a special CE Marking provider in India because of their following services. They work for 24 hours in case of critical projects They provide .plimentary design assistance They help those manufacturers who are using a local test lab in India or are using some testing methods in their home. They believe in transparency and have no hidden costs. Testing labs and professionals Manufacturers are always looking for CE Marking providers who have the best testing labs and professionals. No wonder, ITCIndia is one of them and they have the well trained testing professionals who will provide the manufacturers with the correct results of the testing. ITCIndia also has the testing lab with fully equipped measurement instruments for certifying the electrical and electronic instruments for the EU market. So what are you waiting for? Get CE Certification in India now! CE Marking 相关的主题文章: