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Zhang Liangying responded to mother Feng Ke questioned   the man will give the woman the whole property called Anhui – Channel – people.com.cn original title: Zhang Liangying responded to Feng Ke’s mother questioned the property to the 10 called 9 April, Zhang Liangying saw the fans emotional tears. On the same day, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke appeared in Chengdu to attend the event. Jane Zhang revealed that his English album was about to be released, and the first song would meet with the audience immediately. China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun Jane Zhang recently sent good news, and brokerage firm boss Feng Ke, held a wedding in Italy in November. Not expected, her mother Zhang Guiying 9, has publicly accused the man a letter, not only harm daughter as mistress, mother and daughter also embezzled shares. For his mother’s question, Jane Zhang also issued a statement on the same day in micro-blog, "I’m not a fool."". Feng Ke responded two times at micro-blog, explaining the accusations of Zhang’s mother, and said he would like to transfer all the property under his name to Jane Zhang. Feng Ke in the afternoon of 9 micro-blog hair long, for a mother accused to respond one by one, to use my life to cherish the good Jane Zhang and her kindness. He said that all his property before and after marriage, and Jane Zhang all together, less city times equity change or not, does not affect the two property ownership. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor) original title: Jane Zhang responded to Feng Ke’s mother questioned gratified property to the woman Jane Zhang will understand the so-called "two generation gap", but she will not blindly, patiently explained, "I’m not a fool, I want the direction. Not wait until old, have a lot of money, there are several houses, there is a sense of security." She said that before she died, she wanted to do what she wanted to do, to reflect the value of life. Jane Zhang in the process of communication with the mother, will all assume the worst are proposed, in order to just let mom know the worst, but also That’s all., she understood that mother love her heart, will continue to explain to each other, and revealed that the boyfriend for over ten years, two people who do not meet the time not more than 10 day, seems to have found each other, "my judgment is because I have confidence. My family, I will deal with and communicate with myself, do not bother you. Thanks!" Subsequently, Feng Ke forwarded Jane Zhang micro-blog, and a message said: "I admit that may be my character, I may communicate well enough, what is useless. Now that the trust is out of question, I solemnly declare that I am willing to transfer all the property under my name to Liangying. I hope I can deal with this family crisis." (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor) 张靓颖回应母亲对冯柯质疑 男方称愿将财产全给女方–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:张靓颖回应母亲对冯柯质疑 男方称愿将财产全给女方 10月9日,张靓颖一见到粉丝们就动情落泪。当日,张靓颖与冯轲现身成都出席活动,张靓颖透露自己的英文专辑即将发行,第一首歌马上会与观众见面。 中新社记者 刘忠俊 摄  张靓颖近期传出喜讯,将和经纪公司老板冯轲,在11月于意大利举办婚礼。未料,她母亲张桂英9日却对外公开一封亲笔信,不仅控诉男方害女儿被当成小三,还侵吞母女俩的股份。对于母亲的质疑,张靓颖当天也在微博发出声明,“我不是傻瓜”。冯轲则两次在微博回应,对张母的指责一一解释,还称愿意把名下所有财产转到张靓颖名下。   冯轲9日下午在微博发长文,对于张母的指责一一做出回应,称要用一生去珍惜张靓颖的好和她的善良。他表示,自己所有的婚前婚后财产,均与张靓颖共同所有,少城时代的股权变更与否,并不影响两人的财产归属。 (责编:关飞、张磊) 原标题:张靓颖回应母亲对冯柯质疑 男方称愿将财产全给女方   张靓颖明白所谓“两代人的代沟”,但她只会耐心解释,不会盲从,“我不是傻瓜,我有我想要的方向。不是等到老了有一笔不菲的存款,有几栋房子,就有安全感。”她表示在死之前,只想做完自己想做的事,体现活过的价值。   张靓颖在与母亲沟通的过程中,将所有最坏的假设都提出,为了只是要让妈妈知道,最坏也不过如此而已,她明白母亲爱她的心,也会继续向对方解释,并透露和男友交往十几年来,两人整天不见面的时间不超过10天,似乎已经认定对方,“我有判断是因为我有信任。我的家事,我会自己处理和沟通,就不麻烦大家了。感谢!”   随后,冯轲转发张靓颖微博,并留言道:“我承认可能是我性格的问题,也可能是我沟通做得不够好,什么都无用。既然是信任出了问题,我在这里郑重声明:我冯轲愿意把我名下所有财产转到靓颖名下。希望我能够处理好这次家庭危机。” (责编:关飞、张磊)相关的主题文章: