Jiangsu Province, the Thirteenth Party Congress will be held in Nanjing on November 18th to 22 sweets parade

The Thirteenth Party Congress of Jiangsu province from November 18th to 22, held in Nanjing on behalf of the thirteenth provincial Party Congress held on November 18th to 22, the oldest 95 years old, the youngest 25 years old southern News Network (reporter Xiao Shan) Chinese thirteenth Jiangsu provincial Congress of Communist Party will be held in Nanjing on November 18th to 22. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the news conference, the Congress elected 890 delegates, including the oldest 95 years old, the youngest 25 years old. Currently, all preparations have been completed. Today, representatives from all over the province will be reported. The Congress, in building a well-off society, promoting the "decisive stage held a key period of strong rich makall" new Jiangsu construction in a very important meeting, is a major event in the province and the province’s Party organizations at all levels in the political life of the people. The General Assembly will summarize the work of the provincial Party committee, the deployment of the next 5 years of development, the election of the new provincial Party committee. The thirteenth Congress of the province is divided into 18 delegations, among them, 13 districts and cities of the 1 delegations, provincial authorities divided 2 delegations in scientific research institute Nanjing University, 1 delegations, the delegation of 1 enterprises, the PLA and armed police forces 1 delegations. The Congress elected 890 delegates. Compared with the last Congress, leading cadres at all levels on behalf of 550, accounting for 61.8%, 2.4 percentage points lower; on behalf of the rank of 314, accounting for 35.3%, an increase of 2.5 percentage points; the people’s Liberation Army, the armed police force on behalf of 26, accounting for 2.9%. Women represent 231, accounting for 26%, an increase of 1.6 percentage points. Ethnic minorities on behalf of 13, accounting for 1.5%, an increase of 0.6 percentage points. With a college degree above 866, accounting for 97.3%. 50 years old and below on behalf of the 490, accounting for 55.1%. Representatives, both Party members and cadres, and production and work of the first line of Party members. Workers on behalf of the 45, accounting for 5.1%, an increase of more than last year by the proportion of farmers, on behalf of the 32, accounting for 3.6%, an increase of more than 1.8 percentage points last year, the house of Representatives on behalf of the group of 5. After November 1976 to join the party on behalf of 858, accounting for 96.4%, the first time in August 1940 to join the party. The oldest is 95 years old and the youngest is the age of 25. This distribution, taking into account both fields, covering different groups, and has the characteristics of combination of old, the widely representative sources, reflects the credibility of the representative." Relevant responsible person said.相关的主题文章: