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Deputy director of the Hubei Jianli County Public Security Bureau public funds was named the Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection 27 days of public exposure of 6 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight typical problems of the spirit, deputy director of the Party committee, Jianli County, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau Gu Zhongguo violation of public funds and other issues, by giving names exposure. The circular pointed out that, after the Spring Festival in 2015, Gu Zhong Guo 4 reception classmates and friends to dinner, a total of 2160 yuan, no invoice. In May 2015, Gu Zhongguo used a name for the computer motherboard and printer accessories, the amount of 2160 yuan of the invoice in a shopping mall in Wuhan County Public Security Bureau financial reimbursement, in order to offset the cost of dining. Gu Zhongguo by the party warning, reimbursement of illegal reimbursement. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the official pointed out that under the current high pressure situation, " four winds " the problem presents new forms and characteristics. The party members and cadres, there are requirements, knowing that the central discipline is not allowed, but I still do, not convergence, take a variety of techniques to discipline violations, discipline must touch the red line, severely dealt with. The circular pointed out, the National Day holiday is approaching, all localities and departments to strengthen the work of the deployment and supervision, strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability. For the problems found, will be severely punished; places and units on outstanding issues, serious accountability, leniency. The other five cases: 1, Heilongjiang Province, former deputy secretary of the Hegang municipal Liu Fu, illegal organizing and participating in banquet problems. In August 9, 2015, Liu Fu in the Hegang municipal government office in Harbin hosted 4 colleagues, dishes, sea food and poultry sashimi salmon and Moutai 2 bottles of wine, a total cost of 4498 yuan. In accordance with the requirements of Liu Fu, dinner expenses handled by the office in Harbin. Liu Fu subject to party a serious warning, pay the dinner fee, other related personnel from disciplinary action. 2, Shandong Province, former deputy secretary of the Party committee of Qilu Normal University Li Liangzhai problem of public funds to travel abroad. From February 28, 2015 to March 7th, Li Liangzhai and other members of the delegation, went to Germany, Austria institutional exchange. The College of international cooperation department without changing the route, increase in Belgium, France and other places of attractions tour, Li Liangzhai agreed. During the visit, only 1 days to arrange the official activities, the rest of the time in Germany, Belgium, Brussels, Heidelberg and Cologne, Paris and other attractions to visit france. Above the cost of a total of 170 thousand and 200 yuan, of which tourism costs $39 thousand and 500. After returning home, according to the report of the delegation requested by Li Liangzhai report false visit. Party a serious warning by Li Liangzhai, vice secretary of the post of party was removed, the delegation members pay travel expenses. 3, Guizhou city of Guiyang Province Water Conservancy and hydropower engineering immigration system by tourism official travel of the machine. In March 19, 2015, Shen Chenggui, deputy director of immigration bureau chief of Planning Department of Wudang District Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, financial personnel Li Zhiyu Zhang Fanfang, chief of Nanming water conservancy and hydropower engineering immigration service department staff, Liu Feng Lv Qianruo, Kaiyang County Water Conservancy and hydropower engineering immigration financial audit section, he Pinghui 6 people to Fujian city of Xiamen province in selected business units training. March 22nd after the end of the training, Shen Chenggui and others in Xiamen?相关的主题文章: