Jimmy Lin incarnation ” captain ” Christy Chung wedding surprise candy boy

The incarnation of Jimmy Lin " captain Jack " Christy Chung wedding surprise Sina entertainment news "Mermaid couple" Christy Chung [micro-blog], Zhang Lunshuo yesterday (8 days) in Beijing. The wedding is sweet and touching, and the climax appears in the conflict has been known as the conflict can not attend the bride’s friend Jimmy Lin [micro-blog] suddenly appeared, and the owner of the bride to join forces to create the number one surprise for the bride, Zhang Lunshuo. At the moment, Jimmy Lin is still a short video sorry to be there, there will be a gift from others to the bride, the next moment Jimmy Lin is the incarnation of Pirates of the Caribbean assault wedding blessing now singing, now dancing. The afternoon before the ceremony began, Jimmy Lin has the number one "surprise" program to make a big micro-blog official said. With the whole wedding in the network live broadcast, Jimmy Lin surprise the whole process of real-time broadcast on the network, causing users onlookers. That night, Jimmy Lin had a big # # news micro-blog became the hot topic. As Christy Chung’s 15 year male friend bestie, Jimmy Lin had received a wedding invitation. In order to give the bride a surprise moment before Jimmy Lin open up a fresh outlook, deliberately excuse for stroke of conflict, to his friend Christy Chung "leave" absent, "collusion" groom Zhang Lunshuo arrangement play prerecorded video leave at the wedding, the bride is absent to apologize. After the bride completely relaxed vigilance, Jimmy Lin is like magic will be changed to the stage. In the layout of the marine realm like the wedding scene, with a group of dancers in the "Pirates", disguised as captain Jack Jimmy Lin in the dance group company debut, sing a "you are the one" for Christy Chung, surprise pink bubble instantly filled the audience. In the face of disguised surprise friends, Christy Chung very touched, when the surprise partner Zhang greatly unveiled this is Jimmy Lin and Zhang Lunshuo together the "conspiracy", Christy Chung shouted never thought. Christy Chung said that every time her husband Zhang Lunshuo for his surprise can be detected in advance, but this time it was completely concealed, so more surprises. Jimmy Lin in a backstage interview revealed, for the "number one surprise" he is painstaking. Not only dare not back to the friends of Christy Chung WeChat, took out more feel that the most suitable for a wedding song "you are the one" for the wedding. In the number one surprise program He Jiong [micro-blog], Wang Jiaer and the three big surprise MC’s careful planning, it took place in the scene of the captain of the incarnation of the captain of the airborne wedding scene of the scene of the,, the captain of the scene of the incarnation of the captain, the captain of the scene of the scene of the wedding of the captain of the incarnation of captain. The upcoming November 20th broadcast of the "number one" is the first surprise constructivist comedy reality show, composed by MC "surprise Rangers" and all the mysterious large coffee will guest star friends and people located under the nets above and snares below, unnoticed to send a super surprise. It is one of the essence of "one of the biggest surprises" to help a friend make a real surprise. This wonderful wedding scene will also become part of the show in Hunan satellite TV broadcast. (commissioning editor: Bunny)相关的主题文章: