Julie moved away from his house to help children with Pitt Pitt 9c8947

Julie to take their children to move away from the mansion for children to help Peter’s father-in-law JoliePitt Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie two people declared divorce, shocked the world of showbiz, then exposed to alcohol, Hu Ma, Peter was traced to the domestic violence children, but that is Julie for custody of the Bureau, two people currently on children custody deadlocked, but it came to see a sudden turn for the worse, Peter was willing to six children, Zhu Liqiu and. According to British media reports, Julie announced immediately after the divorce, with six children moved from the Losangeles house, and Peter Julie blocked phone, this seems to make Peter Henzhao panic, they actually fell below glasses contact Julie father, hope he can come forward to coordinate, according to reliable sources, although the time is quite embarrassing, but Peter said that as long as there is hope to try, also highlights he can not forget that the child’s father. It is reported that the cloth made Jo divorce actually focus is not on the raise a Babel of criticism of, property disputes, because two people early in the marriage to good agreement arrangements, child custody power is the main cause of dispute between the two sides of the two sides will, as for the children staged composite drama, let us continue to look down.相关的主题文章: