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Kobe 14 in 5 to remember the 60+5+4 here 9 years ago (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 2016 25, Kobe and the purple Legion came to FedEx arena tour in Memphis curtain war occupation career. Russell and Clarkson with guns to play well, and road 6 on the bench with the mighty fire, the team with the Grizzlies to mediate the last moment. But the gap between the strength of the failure reflects the reality, in the face of 119-128 of the score, Kobe smiled, did not have a trace of regret. Before the start of the game, home court does not play the big screen video tribute to Kobe, but the host handheld microphone praised the great achievements of Kobe Bryant in 20 years of occupation career made to the audience, and called for all the fans to the great Kobe warmest applause to express respect, and Kobe looked around on his most sincere and happy smile, and waved his hand to express my gratitude. The game is still in play Memphis compacted subsidence in the face of the old teammate Barnes, the enemy of the life of Carter tough defense, once his return to the human in the years of the fetters, he could not climb the sky, even by gravity fall only 20 cm vertical jump. 29 minutes, 14 shots, 5 points, 1 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steals, which is Kobe’s final answer in the FedEx arena 13. Time is ticking, time is picturesque, nine years ago he was here to slaughter the Quartet, a bear endless fear scoring spree. In March 23, 2007, Kobe Odom, Walton Kwame, led by Brown and Cardiff figure force by Paul Gasol, Mike Miller and others to challenge Rudy Gay led the Memphis Grizzlies, results in tens of thousands of fans in the home court, Rudy Gay and Deng Jones et al siege force, Kobe scored 37 shots hit 20 times, the line 18 penalty 17 contribution to the fans thriller 60 points and also sent 5 rebounds and 4 assists, the fight for 45 minutes with a force of two points to home court. In this six days ago, Kobe just in the home court with 65 points after two days of Wong Mamba Roy education; to hover potential finished with 50 points in the masterpiece of Garnett head; and beat the Grizzlies second days after back-to-back he played 47 minutes in the face of the Hornets with 50 points against Paul. Four consecutive games averaged 46 minutes, averaging 56.25 points, including back to back competition, which was Kobe’s top hand no rival paper. He is very aggressive, cruel and unusual, depending on the outcome if life and death, but now in the years of accumulation can reveal indisputable seeking relief and Transcendence of the outcome, perhaps that a smile is the real inner world of Kobe! (Shui Qingqing)

科比14中5的告别 还记得9年前这里的60+5+4吗 (点击观看高清组图)   新浪体育讯  北京时间2016年2月25,科比统领的紫衣军团来到联邦快递球馆,进行职业生涯巡演孟菲斯谢幕战。凭借双枪拉塞尔和克拉克森出色发挥,以及路6在板凳席贡献的威猛火力,球队与灰熊斡旋至最后一刻。无奈实力上的差距致使失利映进现实,面对119-128的比分科比一笑带过,丝毫没有一丝遗憾之意。   比赛开始前,主场大屏幕并未播放向科比致敬相关视频,但主持人手持麦克风向全场观众歌颂了科比布莱恩特20年来职业生涯所取得的伟大成就,并号召所有球迷向伟大的科比致以最热烈的掌声来表达敬意,而科比则环顾四周送上他最诚挚而又幸福的微笑,并挥手以表达谢意。   比赛依旧沉陷在灰熊的碾压式打法中,面对老队友巴恩斯,一生之敌卡特强硬防守,曾经的飞侠回归人类,在岁月的羁绊中他再也无法登顶云霄,甚至被地心引力坠得只有二十几公分垂直弹跳。29分钟14投5中13分1篮板2助攻1抢断,这就是科比在联邦快递球馆交出的最后答卷。   时光滴答,岁月如画,回顾九年前他曾在这里屠戮四方,成为灰熊忌惮不已的得分狂魔。   2007年3月23日,科比率领奥多姆、沃顿、夸梅布朗和图力亚夫等人挑战以保罗加索尔、迈克米勒和鲁迪盖伊领衔的孟菲斯灰熊,结果在主场数万球迷关注中,在鲁迪盖伊和邓台琼斯等人合力围剿下,科比全场37次出手20次命中,罚球线18罚17中贡献令球迷惊悚的60分同时还送出5篮板4助攻,全场鏖战45分钟以一已之力两分优势攻克主场。   而在此战六天前,科比刚刚在主场以65分教育了黄曼巴罗伊;事隔两天后以空中翱翔之势在加内特头顶完成50分杰作;而战胜灰熊后第二天背靠背面对黄蜂他又登场47分钟贡献50分击败保罗。   连续四场平均登场46分钟贡献场均56.25分,其中还包括背靠背比赛,这就是颠峰期科比交出的无与匹敌答卷。他生性好斗,残忍异常,视胜负若生死,可如今在岁月积淀下却能流露出对胜负无可争求的释然和超越,也许那一抹微笑才是科比最真实的内心世界!   (水清清)相关的主题文章: