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Korean media: Chinese Samsung Note7 to consumers or deliberately heating fraud – Sohu News Korea "Korea Daily" said in September 20th, after Chinese consumers broke the Samsung Note7 fire cover music world, recently news shows this is consumer fraud compensation gold malignant behavior. 18, the Internet Chinese appeared for the first time on the market Chinese cover music world Note7 explosion news, Baidu appeared on the cover of the world seems to be a music Note7 photo burned. Upload said in the use of cover music world Note7 when suddenly black screen and then exploded. The same day, SamSung China customer service also received a complaint called the Lok Lok Note7 explosion. Samsung recovered two mobile phones, and ATL embarked on a joint investigation, 19, announced: "X light and CT analysis of the results of the product showed that the external heating of the battery traces of the trace." In order to investigate the exact cause of the two companies, Note7 will be put into the microwave oven, hot air blower, induction cooker, oven, etc.. The results show that two mobile phones on the induction cooker, with a 200 degree heating 2-3 minutes, the product is similar to the damage and photos. "Chosun Ilbo," said the only product before the battery burn, but the emergence of China’s explosive products is not only the battery, internal circuits, cameras and other parts have been burning. But not too much damage inside the battery, very clean. That two consumers in an explosion of 2 this month, WeChat and Baidu posted "just got the coral blue bomb, to really explode, the threat of Samsung for money", become a strong evidence of speculation. Samsung Electronics announced that it is discussing the criminal prosecution of 2 Chinese consumers advocating false explosion and other legal responses.相关的主题文章: