Last year, double 11 of the first half of goods rose and then down, consumers need to be vigilant-cad2012序列号和密钥

Last year, double 11 of the first half of goods rose and then down, consumers need to be vigilant, with the annual "double 11" approach, the major electricity supplier pre-sale activities began, "chop hand party" already ready to take off. However, the annual double eleven seemingly strong promotional activities often hidden mystery. The recently released "2016 ten a safe shopping Raiders", businesses to attract consumers, tend to use the "rose after the first drop of" routine, consumer chop hand, need to guard against false promotion. The business data rose after the first drop Tibet tricky reporter saw the Raiders released some data in 2015 "double 11" period, 7 million 430 thousand of the number of electronic business platform of promotional merchandise (transaction behavior) and 900 thousand (selling merchandise sales doubled than usual) price changes were monitored. Monitoring data show that last year, "double 11" period, 7 million 430 thousand promotional goods, 52.99% of the price rise first and then drop, of which 81.99% of the commodity price range is less than 30%, and 3.26% of the goods rose more than 200%. Among them, in the high promotional products, household life and women’s goods accounted for the largest, respectively 19.7% and 18.6%. During the period of "double 11" last year, according to the "double 11" promotional price relative to the historical low price in two months, 53.6% of the goods are actually rising prices, 11.8% of the commodity prices are flat, and only 34.6% of the commodity prices are down. Correspondingly, 900 thousand best-selling goods first rise and fall more serious, 75.52% of the goods have first rise and then drop phenomenon. Among them, 81.99% of the goods only in the "double 11" before the price increase of less than 30%, but still 3.26% of goods rose more than 200%. Network security experts said, the above data, the "double 11" during the promotion to the user’s benefits are not much, consumers are busy filling the shopping cart at the same time, we need to guard against false promotions of all types of businesses. Remind refund fraud alert network security expert Liu Yang introduction, combined with the characteristics of a variety of preferential play double 11 online shopping peak and each business platform, during the period of "double 11" before and after, "cut the hand" in the "buy buy buy" at the same time should beware of shopping refund fraud, false shopping fraud, fraud posing as courier payment fraud, fraud, false coupons and other five categories of fraud.

去年双11半数商品先涨后降 消费者需警惕随着一年一度的“双11”临近,各大电商的预售活动陆续开始,“剁手党”已然蓄势待发。然而,每年双十一看似大力度的促销活动常常暗藏玄机。 近日发布的《2016双十一安全购物攻略》显示,商家为吸引消费者,往往会使用“先涨后降”的套路,消费者剁手前,需警惕虚假促销。数据 商家先涨后降藏猫腻记者看到这份攻略发布了2015年“双11”期间的一些数据,对多家电商平台的743万件促销商品(有交易行为)和90万件畅销商品(销量比平时翻倍)的价格变动进行了监测。监测数据显示,去年“双11”期间,743万件促销商品中有52.99%出现了价格先涨后降,其中81.99%的商品涨价幅度在30%以内,还有3.26%的商品涨幅高达200%以上。其中,在涨幅高的促销商品中,家居生活和女装类商品占比最大,分别为19.7%和18.6%。去年“双11”期间,参加促销活动的商品中,按“双11”促销价相对于两个月内的历史低价对比,有53.6%的商品实际上都是价格上涨,11.8%的商品价格持平,而仅有34.6%的商品价格有下调。与之相应,90万件畅销商品先涨后降情况更加严重,有75.52%的商品有先涨后降的现象。其中,81.99%的商品仅在“双11”之前提价不到30%,但是仍然有3.26%的商品涨幅高达200%以上。网络安全专家表示,综合上述数据来看,“双11”期间的促销给予用户的实惠并不多,消费者在忙于填满购物车的同时,需要警惕各类商家的虚假促销。提醒 警惕购物退款等诈骗网络安全专家刘洋介绍,结合“双11”网购高峰的特性及各电商平台的多种优惠玩法,“双11”前后及期间,“剁手族”在“买买买”的同时应谨防购物退款诈骗、虚假购物诈骗、冒充快递诈骗、代付欺诈、虚假优惠券诈骗等五类诈骗。相关的主题文章: