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An Overview Of Contract Law By: William A. Markham | Mar 21st 2007 – A contract is any legally-enforceable promise or set of promises made by one party to another and, as such, reflects the policies represented by freedom of contract. In the civil law, contracts are considered to be part of the general law of obligations. This article describes the law relating to contracts in common law jur … Tags: Combat Crime With The Help Of Law Enforcement Training Online By: Trevor Mulholland | Mar 19th 2007 – Law enforcement training online helps good people get started on the route to becoming good cops. Tags: A Secret Of Law Of Attraction By: Steve Bishop | Mar 17th 2007 – If there is a secret of law of attraction, it is that the non physical language of the universe is one of vibration, we are all radiating that which we are, we are all giving and receiving vibrational signals on many different levels. All of our experiences are vibrating at different frequencies and drawing towards them the … Tags: Getting In The Flow — Using The Law Of Attraction By: Jon Mercer | Feb 26th 2007 – The Law of Attraction is a powerful philosophy to create your world any way you want it. A basic tenant of this philosophy is "like attracts like," and because of this, it is really important that you feel good as much as possible in your day-today life if you want to attract more good things into your life. Tags: Understanding The Key Elements Of The Law Of Attraction By: David Hooper | Jan 31st 2007 – Fiction or reality When it comes to the law of attraction people cannot just simply limit to only one explanation given to it. If some people consider it as their karma, there are people that connect it directly to the best rule ever. When we talk about the laws of attraction, we refer to the energy of our fe … Tags: The Law Of Attraction: A Good Life Is Ensured By The Power Of Vibrations By: David Hooper | Jan 31st 2007 – Energy is everywhere as the universe is made of pure energy. The rate of vibration makes the only difference and the law of attraction is the one that is guided by this vibration. The vibration causes energy. Energy attracts more energy that is created by an equal amount of vibration. Never lose the purpose: … Tags: The Law Of Attraction: Think Pink And Live Pink! Pink Life Is Always A Good Life! By: David Hooper | Jan 31st 2007 – What is the law of attraction? How does it work? How can we examine it and even understand it? We would like everything in our life to be attractive the way love or wealth is! More often than ever we hear people stating that a positive thinking will ensure a good turning into reality of your dreams. Who wouldn’t like this l … Tags: Ten Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction By: Wendy Betterini | Jan 29th 2007 – "Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me?" This cry of frustration is uttered often by people who are learning to consciously create better lives using the Law of Attraction. After spending weeks trying to raise their vibration, focus their minds and bring forth a better reality, they can’t understand why they’re not … Tags: The Law Of Attraction – What You Need To Know By: Andrew Hansen | Jan 24th 2007 – This article offers a brief intorduction to the science behind the now famous law of attraction principle. Tags: Feeling Good And The Law Of Attraction By: Wendy Betterini | Jan 8th 2007 – The more we learn about using the Law of Attraction consciously in our lives, the more we understand that our emotional state determines our vibrational frequency, which attracts the quality of experiences we have. With this knowledge comes the understanding that feeling good (happy, joyful, enthusiastic, optimistic) will … Tags: Choose A Specialization For Your Career In Law By: Simon Layborn | Dec 29th 2006 – You have made the very difficult but rewarding decision to pursue a career in law. Now comes the harder part! Which area of law should you specialize in? With literally dozens of options to choose from, it is easy for someone just entering law school to get boggled. It is best if you can choose a specific area of law as you … Tags: Law Enforcement Training Online: Another Route To Peacekeeping By: Trevor Mulholland | Dec 13th 2006 – Law enforcement training online may be a faster route to keeping your locality safe. Tags: Chinese Environmental Law For Foreign Invested Enterprises By: Mark Ludd | Dec 2nd 2006 – Chinese foreign investment law requires the issuance of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in before many types of projects are commenced,particularly construction and renovation projects (this requirement applies to both new and existing enterprises). The EIA is used to evaluate whether proper and effective pr … Tags: Five Reasons Why You Need Law Enforcement Training Online By: Trevor Mulholland | Dec 1st 2006 – Why law enforcement training online is the right choice for you. Tags: How To Perfect Your Law School Essay By: Peter G. King | Nov 20th 2006 – The thought is that writing the essays will help the student when they need to write briefs for court hearings. It also helps them learn to defend their stance on a certain point of law… Tags: What Are Your Lemon Law Rights? By: Jona | Nov 15th 2006 – The lemon law varies from state to state, but even in states with the toughest lemon laws, there are things you will be required to do first, and contacting an attorney is not it. Know your rights and know the procedure in order to have the best chances of an outcome in your favor. Tags: Lemon Law By: Anshu | Nov 6th 2006 – Lemon Law On purchasing a vehicle, a warranty period is fixed. If your vehicle have some specified defects and you have tried to fix it more than a reasonable no. of times (App. 4) within warranty period, Then your vehicle can be declared as lemon. Various states have different policies against lemon vehicles. Tags: Florida Probate Law An Overview By: Thomas MacIntosh | Nov 6th 2006 – Probate Law essentially deals with property succession. The procedure start’s when somebody related to the deceased makes a �"’˜petition’ to the court to appoint a representative for the property so that normal transaction can resume. It involves the settling of credits and finally sealing off the property. Tags: When They Just Won’t Get It Sorted, Call On The Lemon Law By: Charles Stubbs | Nov 1st 2006 – The automobile lemon law is designed to protect consumers from irreparable manufacturer’s defects in vehicles that should be covered by a car service contract. If you don’t get satisfaction from the dealer then you can go to court, for free, to claim a replacement. Tags: Weight Loss And The Law Of Attraction By: Aaron Potts | Oct 10th 2006 – Depending on the circles that you run in, you may or may not have heard about a very powerful force in your life that is called the Law of Attraction. It’s powers are literally limitless and utilizing those powers is absolutely free of charge! Who doesn’t want Unlimited Cosmic Power without even having to bus … Tags: Law Firm Internet Marketing An Executive Summary Using The Q&a Format Part Iv By: Henry Harlow | Sep 2nd 2006 – You mentioned marketing packages�"’. How much should I be spending on a marketing budget on my website in law firm Internet marketing. This is an it depends�"’ question. It depends on your particular market place (are you in Peoria or Manhattan), your competitors (your keyword competitors I mean) and … Tags: Law Firm Internet Marketing An Executive Summary Using The Q&a Format Part Iii By: Henry Harlow | Sep 2nd 2006 – Shouldn’t the vendor I select for law firm Internet marketing have built lawyer websites before? No. In fact some of these types of vendors that tell you how dozens, hundreds or thousands of lawyers have bought websites from them are probably the most expensive options in the marketplace for law firm Internet … Tags: Law Firm Internet Marketing An Executive Summary Using The Q&a Format Part Ii By: Henry Harlow | Sep 2nd 2006 – You mentioned �"’¦your page ranking.�"’ What is page ranking and how do I get my pages ranked in law firm Internet marketing? You don’t have to do anything to get your web pages ranked in law firm Internet marketing. It happens when the search engines send their spiders out to read your site. Google Pa … Tags: Law Firm Internet Marketing An Executive Summary Using The Q&a Format Part I By: Henry Harlow | Sep 2nd 2006 – What do I need to know first about law firm Internet marketing? In modern business, it is not the crook who is feared most, it is the honest man who doesn’t know what he is doing.�"’ Pablo Casals There are tons of vendors out there who want to sell you websites and law firm Internet marketi … Tags: What Is The Law Of Attraction? By: Aaron Potts | Aug 15th 2006 – The Law of Attraction – in its simplest form – states that "like attracts like". Whatever you focus on the most is what will be most attracted to your life. At first glance, that would seem to state that since we all think about being healthy, rich, and having fulfilling lives, that we should all be living happily ever afte … Tags: Law Practice Management How To Determine Your Fees By: Henry Harlow | Jul 30th 2006 – Determining fees is a difficult law practice management task for most attorneys when thinking through their law firm marketing plans. In determining fees for certain services, attorneys often fall short of what they should charge. Too many attorneys are afraid of even charging the competitive price for their services when m … Tags: Lemon Law Car – When Your New Car Goes Sour By: Karen Kirby | Jul 23rd 2006 – You may have heard of the "lemon law" that protects consumers from "lemons" or defective cars. If you got a lemon, don’t let it become a nightmare … Tags: Marketing For Law Firms Via Attorney-client Matching Services – Part Ii By: Henry Harlow | Jul 17th 2006 – What are these new attorney-client matching services? Who are the players? What do they cost? What is the risk to me? What is the return for me? What is the buzz on them? Are they ethical as marketing for law firms? Will they save me money and are they for me? Will they get me clients I would not have otherwise? The answer … Tags: Marketing For Law Firms Via Attorney-client Matching Services – Part I By: Henry Harlow | Jul 17th 2006 – What are these new attorney-client matching services? Who are the players? What do they cost? What is the risk to me? What is the return for me? What is the buzz on them? Are they ethical as marketing for law firms? Will they save me money and are they for me? Will they get me clients I would not have otherwise? Tags: Law Firm Marketing And The "i Hate Selling"�� Syndrome By: Henry Harlow | Jul 16th 2006 – Do you hate selling? Should you hate selling? What does "��selling"�� mean anyway? How does hating selling impact your client service and revenue? If you decide to learn to love selling (or love it now) how would you go about developing that love anyway? Law firm marketing and the "��hating part"�� in the tit … Tags: Law Firm Marketing "�" Increasing Your Revenue By Grading Clients By: Henry Harlow | Jun 25th 2006 – Law firm marketing is comprised of many different elements. The analysis of your firm in law practice management can be complex, however, lets begin with a key success variable "�" your current client base. Managing your client base is the most important aspect of your law firm marketing efforts. I suggest you begin with gr … Tags: The Lemon Law In California – What Are The Consumer Benefits? By: Earl Powers | Apr 10th 2006 – Various states across US have different lemon laws. Lemon law California differs from those in other states. It is important to know the fine intricacies of Lemon law California. Lemon law California is also known as Motor Vehicle Warranty Rights Act. The California lemon law states that any vehicle purchase is a major cons … Tags: The Lemon Law In Florida – Stating The Law As It Affects Consumers By: Earl Powers | Mar 10th 2006 – The Florida Legislature in 1988 revised a law that makes car manufacturers responsible for replacing defective vehicles or refunding consumers"�� money if the vehicle applies to certain conditions set forth by the Legislature. This law is commonly known as Florida"��s automobile ‘Lemon Law,’ or popularly known as lemon law … Tags: Are Lemon Law Lawyers Really Worth The Money? By: Earl Powers | Mar 6th 2006 – Lemon law had been created to protect the consumer from faulty vehicles. But in order to ensure complete understanding of the law and filing a suit one needs to consult lemon law lawyers. It is not easy to sue the manufacturers with proper help. Consumers who find themselves stuck with lemons can find redress through lemon … Tags: Law School Know-how By: Robert Thatcher | Feb 25th 2006 – Getting into law school can be a very arduous task for aspiring students. You need to start as early as your freshman year in high school if you decide that being a lawyer is what you really want to do for the rest of your life. Do not be misled by the rosy portrayal of a lawyer’s life in TV or in the movies. … Tags: Lemon Law – Make A Lemonade From Your Sour Experience By: Amit Laufer | Feb 10th 2006 – Lemon Law Background The term "��Lemon-Law"�� is a nick name derived from other common terms such as "��Lemon-Car"��, "��Monday-cars"�� and "��Friday-Cars"��. A lemon car is a defective car that, when purchased new or used, is found by the purchaser to have numerous or severe defects not readi … Tags: What Is The Lemon Law – A Concise Definition By: Earl Powers | Jan 12th 2006 – Lemon law refers to the statement from the government that was created to protect consumers from defective piece of automobile. An automobile that has manufacturing defect or if it asks for repeated repairs after purchase and if the automobile is under warranty period, such a vehicle is termed as a lemon. A … Tags: Consumer Protection In The Form Of A Used Car Lemon Law By: Earl Powers | Jan 11th 2006 – Lemon law was created to protect consumers from faulty and defective automobiles. Used car lemon law refers to legal support to consumers from buying used cars that turn out to be lemons. According the used car lemon law, the dealer needs to provide a written warranty. The written warranty as per used car lemon law ensures … Tags: Other Segments To Law Enforcement By: James Hunt | Dec 29th 2005 – Law enforcement is a very broad area and it encompasses many things. People make the misconception that law enforcement simply means police… Tags: Family Law Involves Legal Services That Has To Do With Families By: James Hunt | Dec 28th 2005 – Family law refers to anything involving legal services that has to do with families. When people get divorced, they need to have the services of a family lawyer… Tags: Labor Law Protects Employer And Employee In Case Of A Wrongdoing By: James Hunt | Dec 26th 2005 – Labor law is also known as employment law in some parts of the world. These terms can be used interchangeably as they are used to refer to the same thing… Tags: Criminal Law Is The Set Of Acceptable Limits Of Conduct In Society By: James Hunt | Dec 26th 2005 – Some people are unaware of the fact that there are different classifications of law. The law itself is broken down into different classifications and categories… Tags: 相关的主题文章: