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Cancer Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood or the bone marrow with an abnormal increase in the immature white blood cells. About 6000 people in India are diagnosed with leukemia and blood-related cancer every year. Many of the .monly found symptoms include frequent infection, ranging from infected tonsils, sores in the mouth, or diarrhea to life-threatening diseases. If there is deficiency of red blood cells, it will lead to anemia leading dyspnea and pallor. Having fevers, chills, frequent fatigue, flu, etc. are other symptoms. If the liver or spleen is infected, the patient may experience nausea or a feeling of fullness, leading to weight-loss. Leukemia Treatment in India be.ing more prevalent as the number or cases reported is increasing day by day. When the immature white blood cells replace the normal bone marrow cells and damage them, the number of platelets reduces drastically and disrupts the blood clotting process. Therefore the infected people are easily bruised and prone to excessive blood loss. Leukemia generally occurs due to genetic mutation. Some ionizing radiations, viruses and some chemicals are known to be causative agents. When symptoms are noticed, by taking repeated blood counts and a bone marrow examination, leukemia can be diagnosed. In certain situations, a lymph node biopsy also can be performed for diagnosis. This in turn is followed chemical tests to determine the degree to which the kidney and liver have been affected.X-Rays, MRI or ultrasound can be used to see the visible damage caused due to the cancer. There are cases when the disease is not diagnosed because of vague, unspecific and misleading symptoms. Leukemia Treatment in India is mostly done by medication, .bined with a multi-drug chemotherapy routine.In some cases, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplants are done. Leukemia can be treated by a number of ways. The first and the most .mon way is induction chemotherapy. After this, a consolidation or intensification therapy is done to eliminate any remnants of the cancer. Typically, a high-dose drug is taken for months. Bone marrow transplants are done for patients with high-risk or relapsed cases.Surgeons in India are highly trained for these operations and have been carrying out many successful operations for the same. In the induction phase of the chemotherapy, mostly a .bination of drugs is administered. For hairy cell leukemia, a daily dose of intravenous infusion is the usual treatment method. Indian MedGuru has India’s leading hospitals as well as premier world-class surgeons associated with it and promises the best medical solution for any sort of leukemia treatment that a patient requires. For any Surgery in India, it offers the countrys leading surgeons at the patient’s service. The rates for the services are affordable and lower than what any other consultancy would offer. The .pany makes sure that every single one of the patient’s needs and apprehensions are taken care of. From booking ac.modation to getting appointments and medical consultations, the .pany provides all possible medical solutions to brighten the patients journey. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: