Li Zongwei revealed surprisingly lost France successfully defending target for foot soulseek

Li Zongwei said France due to upset losing foot target successfully defending Li Zongwei lose because of foot pain (Denmark? Odense 22 hearing on foot)? Exhausted? Li Zongwei yesterday at the Denmark super series badminton men’s singles semi-finals in the first series of mistakes, stubborn war 3 Bureau for the first time defeat to France Levy Dez, to celebrate the 34 birthday in triumph. The column headed by the seed of Li Zongwei, before this has never lost to ranked 38 in the world, but he obviously is Vader, yesterday in the state, after the final 77 minutes of hard work to 17 than 21, 22 than 20, 19 more than 21 lost to 30 year old Levi Dez. Although the results were contrary to expectation, but the strong wind and big waves through countless Zong Wei after the game seemed calm, he describes himself made too many mistakes, because he was unable to lead to foot pain, want to move. Zong Wei saved 2 match point in the first time to reverse the war Bureau, Levi Mendez 6 6 draw, is leading the way with 21 than 17 to run. While the morale of Levi Hernandez, in the bureau is still not getting the upper hand, more than 15 to 10, 20 than 18 close edge, Zong Wei tenaciously even get 4 points, more than 22 to 20 of a board. Zong Wei in the decider was 13 to 10 lead, but fighting strong Levi Mendez and did not give up, even if he cramps also had no effect with every minute, finally achieved the greatest victory badminton career. In France next week defending Zong Wei pointed out that in his time almost lost the edge of bureau, still not discouraged a board, but Levi Mendez played more positive and less mistakes than he. He said, and he lost not tight, as this is not he a good day. Zong Wei will then look forward to the next week, the French Super Series for better results, aimed at defending the title. Levy Dez: the most beautiful victory Levy Dez said after the game, he has many years playing badminton, this is the best he has always been a victory. He said that he had lost to Zong Wei 6 times, so it is possible that Zong Wei is the enemy, ignoring him as a threat, so it is a failure. He said that after he won, he said sorry to Zong Wei, because of the destruction of Zong Weiyu to celebrate the victory of a good thing, but he also lost his birthday. Levy Dez in the men’s singles semi-final against Thailand tanon SA, the latter yesterday to 21 than 17, 14 than 21, 21 to 15 out of Antonson of denmark. The other men’s singles semi-final by South Korean players staged a civil war, the No. 6 seed Li Xuanyi of sun Wanhu, after the tiger in the semi-finals in 21 more than 13, 15 than 21, 21 to 18 out of Chinese Shi Yuqi, and a ratio of 6 to 21. 21, 13, 21 than 13 than repel Huang Yongqi of Hongkong. Ma Lin Jin hot 4 singles in the women’s singles semi-finals, top seed Carolina of Spain’s first. Ma Lin to 21 to 19, the ratio of 21 to 25, the ratio of 27 to take the strength of China’s seventh seed Sun Yu, the semi-finals hit Japan’s eighth seed Yamaguchi, 16. Another women’s singles semi-finals by Taiwan fifth seed Zhang Yanyi of Hongkong Dai Ying owned. Capital is Ying in another rematch in 12 to 2)相关的主题文章: