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Marriage-Wedding One of the very first expenses involved when you are planning to tie the knot is purchasing an engagement ring. Although getting engagement rings are not totally required, it cannot be denied that they play a significant role in different wedding traditions. Usually it is the man who selects and purchase the ring for his bride-to-be. However, although men still pays for the engagement rings, women today prefer picking their own engagement ring, which makes the selection process a two-person endeavor. To provide you a brief background, engagement rings were originally used centuries ago when the process of marriage was more of a .mercial practice rather than a union of love. Back then, an engagement ring was used as a form of payment for the bride and a symbol of the man’s honest intentions. It was in medieval Italy when diamonds were first incorporated in betrothal rings as a sign of enduring love. Since then, diamonds have be.e important design features for betrothal rings. You might be thinking of proposing to your longtime girlfriend to finally make her your bride-to-be. Of course, you can easily buy a ready-made diamond ring for her, but you don’t have to close your windows on other options especially when it concerns loose diamonds because you might miss on something that you might regret later on. If it’s the first time that you heard about such type of diamonds, you might want to take a look at what you can do with them first before you pass on such option. With all the expenses that you have to deal with during the preparation process of your wedding, it’s always advisable to have simple back up plans that can help you save money. Loose diamonds are not the usual diamonds mounted on jewelries. They are diamonds that have not yet undergo any jewelry production process; therefore they are purchased as pure stones. .pared to diamonds that are set on jewelries, the flaws and original colors of loose sparklers can be easily determined, which in turn would allow you to properly assess their real market value. Nonetheless, you can also be assured that these diamonds exemplify the same quality as that of diamonds already placed in jewelries. Loose diamonds also work well for ring customization. Through customization, you can select the cut, shape, size and color of loose diamond you want to use for your ring. This way, you can surely make a distinct ring setting that is especially made for your loved one. Loose sparklers can definitely capture your creativity and your enduring love. If you are concerned about the price; loose diamonds are way cheaper than a ready-to-wear diamond wedding ring. Whether you are on a tight budget or have already allotted your two month salary for your up.ing proposal, you can surely get something that will suit your needs. With the .parisons made above, it would be easier for you to make your choice between loose sparklers and ready-made diamond ring. Whatever option you have in mind, the most important thing is that you will definitely bring joy and love to the person whom you are going to give the ring. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: