Love in the western city of ” ” award ceremony; ordinary people practicing charity & jessica rabbit

Love in the western city of " "   award ceremony; ordinary people practicing charity " China dream " – Shaanxi channel: original title: " love in the western city of " ordinary people practice charity awards ceremony held at " Chinese dream " the afternoon of April 19, 2013, a piece of music poetry recitation "light of charity" opened the 2012 annual "love in the west" award of the prelude, these are the previous love reciter in the West awards award on behalf of. There is no high social reputation and position, they are more just ordinary people, but in the long run in public welfare practice their charity, the Chinese dream". At the ceremony, Wang Wanchao, Wang Kechang, Tang Ziwen, Yang Fuli and other caring people elected "love in the west" 2012 annual charity figures; stone community service team, the fifteenth Middle School of Beijing City, the panda photography team, Beijing branch of Xinhua news agency and other collective won the "love in the West" 2012 annual charity team title. As Beijing City, Xicheng District annual charity brand activities, love in the West awards ceremony has become Xicheng District to mobilize all social forces to join the charity public service people stage. The same day, Xicheng District opened a "sunset" love HelpAge service, "Financial Street", "student hold the light of hope", "love heart of Inner Mongolia volunteer service in the west" donations and other public projects. Among them, "love sunset" service for the old after the start of the project will be 255 Xicheng District community service for the old team to buy 510 sets of blood pressure; at the same time the recruitment of professional services for senior professional skills 30 volunteers, provide psychological comfort, blood pressure, chronic disease prevention and health knowledge training to help service team and organization 255 of the community; will also buy 30 thousand copies of health books and other content. "Financial Street" Qingnuan student project will help the plight of the 14 students together. The project will take the direction of the way to raise donations to encourage social responsibility of enterprises and individuals directly responsible for helping objects and signed a long-term agreement. Reporters at the awards ceremony was informed that in 2012, Xicheng District total use of social donations 12 million 829 thousand and 800 yuan. For the student, poor, disabled, elderly, medical aid and other items of social assistance funds amounted to 7 million 803 thousand and 800 yuan. In order to ensure earmarking, no interception, misappropriation and other issues, Xicheng District will organize groups of inspectors by District Supervision Bureau, District Civil Affairs Bureau and the District Bureau of the three party audit, inspection and supervision of the management and use of social donations, and timely publicity in the relevant journals and websites, consciously accept the supervision of the community, to ensure that all all donations for charity. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: