Ma Xiansheng box store has opened a cash point of subsequent events

Ma Xiansheng box store has been opened: follow-up events cash box "Ma Xiansheng supermarket rejected RMB cash" discrimination "cash consumption?" On October 28th, the concept of news published consumers reflect the box Zhang Yang road Pudong bridge horse Xiansheng supermarket shop accepts only Alipay, reject RMB cash complaints and reporter survey, has aroused strong repercussions in the community. The box horse Xiansheng supermarket said, the cashier will be improved as soon as possible, the convenience of consumers. In November 3rd, the reporter went to the supermarket in Pudong Xiansheng box horse Zhang Yang road bridge shop again, I saw the supermarket has opened RMB checkout, consumers use the RMB cash payment has been shopping without any obstacles. Nearly 10 in the morning, the reporter in the Golden Bridge International Commercial Plaza, the ground floor of the 1 floor to see, the store is still crowded in the house of 1. In the part of the cashier, although customers lined up, but orderly. Jinqiao Rui garden of Mr. Huang phone forgotten at home, he bought 3 packs of dumplings and other frozen food, in front of reporters, he pulled out a piece of 6 yuan notes, successfully paid the money. Cashier marked in the valet cash checkout point, the reporter also bought a box of milk with a smooth cash. The supermarket manager told reporters, including the Daning shop, two box horse Xiansheng supermarket in the city has been existing since November 1st, launched a comprehensive RMB cash payment service. RMB cash consumption has been in the "box horse Xiansheng" supermarket can run in both directions unblockedly.   the reporter was informed that the box horse Xiansheng supermarket in addition to further strengthen the cashier training, through additional store employees to provide service for the consumer payment difficulties encountered. The weather is cold, in order to allow the elderly and other special groups surrounding homes can smooth shopping, technical staff Xiansheng box horse named "Internet supermarket bee", recently walked into the surrounding community. Through the establishment of the community Internet service stations, to the elderly who are not familiar with the Internet shopping and other groups of universal electronic payment and online shopping. As long as consumers of light by mobile phone or keyboard, box horse Xiansheng supermarkets in 5 kilometers around the range within half an hour, to achieve delivery, let the Internet to bring more convenient around the daily life of the people. Hot news: Shanghai District 5 and 8 appointed deputy mayor of which 6 people after 70 Shanghai will build 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery Hongqiao airport aircraft collision insurance was 3 million yuan reward. When Captain Shanghai’s show canteen boss wages 1 million 600 thousand run away jailed for 1 years 10 months, Shanghai building was demolished by the night cake refers to the destruction of the Bund the overall style of three-dimensional city construction (map) weather forecast: the first wave of strikes: this autumn haze to Sunday or local heavy pollution相关的主题文章: