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Marketing You’ve just spent $100 to $1,000 to start a new home-based business and despite all the promises and hype – you KNOW you must take action to promote you business if you ever want to make it a success. So what now? My advice use cheap mlm leads and an automated system to contact at least ten thousand cheap mlm leads and prospects every day. The magic is the autoresponder has been preset to automatically deliver, over a period of a week, a series of seven highly personalized messages at the rate of one message per day to each of these 10,000 "cheap mlm leads". Each message encourages the mlm lead prospect to visit my website to learn more about my business. And that it. I’ve WORKED less than 15 minute and, later, perhaps in a couple hours or so, I’ll sit back down and check my email to see if any of these cheap mlm leads have turned into a solid, hot prospect. It’s almost magical. Four hours later I discover over a dozen of these cheap mlm leads have found their way to my website, opted-in to check out the business, and a three or four have actually signed up to take a free trial tour. Incredible. Four new potential network marketing builders for just pennies – and by the end of the day it I’ll probably find another half dozen in the system So .mit to using cheap mlm leads and taking daily action. Every day upload another set of cheap mlm leads (as many as you can afford). And do it again and again and again. Consistent action over an extended period of time will always product a massive result. How can it not? If you make it a point to contact (by using cheap mlm leads and an automatic follow up system) at least 10,000 cheap mlm leads per day – that adds up to almost a HALF MILLION contacts per month? Net result? I always have more people to follow up with than I have time to do it. I call it being in "Lead Prosperity" and it is the only way to build a business. No begging, pleading or chasing people who may or may not be interested. Whew! So what do we do with all the cheap mlm leads who didn’t respond? Send them another offer! Just because they said NO to your primary opportunity doesn’t mean they won’t interest in pursuing another so draft another message and broadcast it. For example, let’s say you can earn a $10 .mission every times buys a $29.95 program that teaches them how to make money taking online surveys. Here’s a sample email you might write: * SUBJECT LINE: Make $25-$50 Working Part-Time in Your * Discover how to earn $25-$50 (or more!) by taking easy-to-answer product surveys from the .fort of your home. No experience necessary. Training provided. Get started earning big dollars today. * Click Here to Learn More Press the SEND button and 300,000 cheap mlm leads who may or may not have been interested in joining my primary business now have another opportunity to find something that better suits them… and I have another opportunity to cash in. Need more cash-flow? Send another message! Here are is a list of average results I pull off each and every month by simply contacting tens of thousand of cheap mlm lead prospect numerous times – on full-autopilot – by using the my Cheap MLM Leads Cash Flow model: * 227 New Hot Prospects * 32 Hot, Ready to Get Started Prospects * 7 New Business Builders * $3,100 Primary .pany .missions * $780 Easy, Back-End .mission * $320 Additional Monthly Residual Cash-flow magic?! Absolutely. There is a fortune to be made using cheap mlm leads. The keys to success are 1) systems, 2) cheap mlm leads, and 3) multiple offers. Now it’s your turn to turn pennies into dollars. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: