Man man; x exposure test shot footage Park Hae Jin challenge cold mysterious role naughty怎么读

"Man  man"; x  exposure test shot footage   Park Hae Jin challenge cold mysterious role — Jiangxi Channel – actor Park Hae Jin in October 4th near the Korean Gyeonggi Do mountain, the new JTBC series "Man X man" test shot. Although the day is the first collaboration with director Li Changmin Park Hae Jin, but Park Hae Jin immediately into the role’s excellent acting skills make the scene staff praise, also let the work have a new look. "Man X man" is a special Guard officials Kim? And Topstar Ru brotherhood as the focus of cloud light story. In the play, Park Hae Jin’s gold? Although there has been a popular star bodyguards of the identity of the show, but in fact his true identity is the National Bureau of mysterious officials. As a mysterious officials, he has to, but in order to hide the true feelings in the image of the show is always serious in speech and manner. While the exposure of the shot scenes photos, Park Hae Jin wore a black suit, handsome high cold appearance perfectly demonstrates the role of the character set of gold?. The play’s producers also said: "Man X man" this drama was Korea’s best screenplay, best director, distinctive character and excellent acting strength of the actors, believe it will be a new and unique works. Park Hae Jin in particular attention at home and abroad of the fans, he will challenge the completely different from a work on the role, will again believe that the birth of a masterpiece worthy of attention". It is reported by Park Hae Jin, Pu Chengxiong, Jin Minzhen, Zheng Manzhi, Yan Zhengxun etc. the strength of the Korean actor starring together in 2017 JTBC the most anticipated drama "Man X man" will take pre shooting 100%, the play will be put into the first shot in October 17th. (Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: