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The official investigation by the media: Chen Guangbiao original title: Chen Guangbiao give a verdict that, the official investigation is inconclusive Author: Wu Lichuan source: Modern Express "Chinese top philanthropist" Chen Guangbiao once again caught in the whirlpool of public opinion. In September 20th, the two media have published a lengthy report, the disclosure of business focus to the beverage and slimming products after Chen Guangbiao, and failed to smooth transition. Because the product is slow-moving, the dealer has not returned one million owed arrears; diet food project is still in advance on the occasion, he and business partner in cooperation for many years "in the end who Sike seal" disputes, alerted the police involved in the investigation…… Review Chen Guangbiao so many years of all kinds of controversy. On the "top philanthropist" lack of praise, but with the voices of doubt seems never to interrupt. In September 21st, Chen Guangbiao himself released micro-blog, said some media hearsay and malicious slander, confuse right and wrong, will hold a press conference to show relevant evidence to refute. Chen Guangbiao had this reaction, very normal. If the report is correct, Chen Guangbiao himself has actually been forced to the edge of the cliff. Public opinion has always been a high-profile Chen Guangbiao increasingly unfavorable, but also to remain silent, does not seem to meet the style of Chen Guangbiao. However, reports "of the" many examples, plus years of various question, don’t know how Chen Guangbiao is going to all the criticism? The more explosive is the media one by one example, denotated fortune cannot do without business combination. These things, some of the legend has long been, but there is a lack of authoritative conclusions. Yo mouth "unilateral" spread, the parties in most cases not language, the official silence, of course it will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Of course, Chen Guangbiao to explain, then refute, but also one side of the said. Observation of the situation, for the public, Chen Guangbiao’s response may not be the most important, the official establishment of the investigation team is fully involved in the investigation is mandatory. To false Zhang storm, for example, Chen Guangbiao is not without controversy. He did not know that he is that, he was a deputy general initiative to report misdeeds. But the media interview with the vice president, the deputy general gives the opposite argument, said, buy fake seal engraving machine is the company’s behavior, is responsible for Chen Guangbiao, "the official seal in addition to manufacture fake certificates, but also for the production of false invoices donation". Visible, allowing both sides of the argument, it seems there is no substantive significance to clarify the truth. Only the official as soon as possible given the final, in order to eliminate all kinds of speculation, the truth can be seen in the world. In August this year, the Modern Express has published editorial "Chen Guangbiao fake chapter, the bottom". For now, it seems that the progress of the relevant aspects of the investigation, far from meeting the public’s desire for truth. Of course, the official investigation is not limited to this, clues and clues quite a lot. The truth can’t always be pieced together by a little bit of debris. Media disclosure of Chen Guangbiao’s things, the need for an authoritative conclusion, Chen Guangbiao is really China’s first good, or as some people say, the first trick, the official need to investigate the truth to define. Conclusion the lack of authority to appraise, whether Chen Guangbiao himself or on public opinion, is not rigorous, irresponsible Hao相关的主题文章: