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Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin platform developers to start-up technology Sohu Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying February 25th, according to foreign media sources said selling cloud products, Microsoft announced the acquisition of start-up companies Xamarin, which is mainly to help developers write and launch the application, the specific amount of the transaction has not yet announced the acquisition of. It is understood that the Xamarin is very popular among programmers, it can help developers write code using the.NET and C# standards, and the application of auxiliary will they write is introduced such as Android and iPhone and other platforms. Previously, Xamarin has worked with Oracle to help developers introduce Oracle Oracle Cloud cloud platform. In addition, Xamarin has also begun to provide test cloud products, to facilitate developers to see the application in a variety of equipment performance. Up to now, as a hot start-up, Xamarin worldwide has nearly 15 thousand customers, about about 1300000 developers are its users. It is learnt that after the completion of the transaction, Microsoft will take over all of the above Xamarin business. In this regard, Microsoft cloud computing and enterprise business leader Scott Guthrie said there will be the integration of Xamarin and Microsoft Visual Studio helps developers in iOS, Android and Windows platform mobile application development capabilities. At the same time, it is easy to simplify the sharing of code between different platforms. After Xamarin, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services and Azure integration, we will provide developers with a more comprehensive mobile application development solutions — cross platform development, testing, delivery and submit all the necessary, "he said. Insiders believe that this is the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella further practice "mobile first" concept, recovery and growth but also help stimulate cloud services.

微软收购初创平台Xamarin 拉拢开发者推销云产品-搜狐科技      搜狐科技 文 王雪莹   2月25日据外媒消息称,微软宣布收购创业公司Xamarin,后者主要帮助开发者编写及投放应用,收购具体交易金额尚未对外公布。   据了解,Xamarin在程序员中间非常受欢迎,它除了能帮助开发者利用.NET和C#标准编写程序代码,同时辅助其将他们所编写的应用引入诸如Android和iPhone等平台。此前,Xamarin曾与甲骨文合作,帮助开发者引入甲骨文Oracle Cloud云平台。此外,Xamarin目前也开始提供测试云产品,以方便开发者查看应用在各种设备的运行表现。截至目前,作为一家炙手可热的初创企业,Xamarin全球目前已拥有近1.5万客户,约130多万开发者是其用户。   据悉,此次交易完成后,微软将接手Xamarin以上所有业务。   对此,微软云计算和企业业务负责人Scott Guthrie表示,Xamarin与微软Visual Studio的整合将有助于提升开发者在iOS、Android和Windows等平台的移动应用开发能力。同时,也便于简化代码在不同平台间的共享。 “将Xamarin、Visual Studio、Visual Studio Team Services和Azure整合之后,我们将可为开发者提供更加全面的移动应用开发解决方案――跨平台开发、测试、交付和提交时所需的一切”,他指出。   有业内人士认为,此举是微软进一步践行CEO Satya Nadella“移动优先”的理念,同时也助于刺激云服务的恢复与增长。相关的主题文章: