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An MOT is a requirement under the UK traffic laws that is done on vehicles after every three years. The purpose of a MOT test is to ensure that vehicles meet the required safety standards. Without it your vehicles insurance is invalidated, and one could end up being heavily fined. There is also another crucial aspect to the MOT test. It proves that your vehicle is safe to drive and roadworthy. Cars have a lot of stress put upon them. As a matter of fact, the chances of parts failing or wearing increase as they age. MOT reading can help to highlight such problems well before they emerge. However, with thousands of vehicle care centers available all over the UK, they can perform thorough and fair MOTs for all motorbikes as well as cars. It is however important to carry out a comprehensive research of MOT centres as some advertise one price then include other hidden charges later on. This can negatively affect your pocket and you might as well fail to get the quality of service you had expected. Go for a company that has an outstanding reputation in order for you to experience great customer service, low prices and high quality repairs. How an MOT test works? During the test, vital parts on your vehicle will be tested to see to it that they all meet the legal safety standards. As the car owner, you can watch the test while it is being done, from a viewing area but you are not allowed to interrupt the expert doing the test. Parts that are tested These are some of the essential parts of your vehicle that will be checked in an MOT test. Vehicle, body structure and general parts These will be tested to see if they free from damage or excessive corrosion in specific areas. Sharp edges that are likely to bring about injuries will be checked to see they really there exist. Towbars Towbars are inspected for secureness, condition and inappropriate modification or repairs The MOT test also checks that whether the 13-pin electrical socket, the speedometer and the engine mounting are all in good condition and secure. Fuel system The fuel system is inspected to make sure there are no any leaks and that the hoses and pipes are secure as well as havinga very good condition. Ensure that the key to the fuel cap is available as it will require to be opened during the test. Exhaust emissions The car will be tested, depending on its fuel type and age, to ensure that it does meet the exhaust emissions rules. The exhaust system is tested to see whether it is complete and secure. The test also seeks to check if there is any missing catalyst in the exhaust system. You will also be advised accordingly as regards noisy exhaust systems in case yours is affected. Seatbelts The test also checks whether a vehicle has the mandatory seatbelts in place. The seatbelts must also be suitable for the car. In addition to that, they must work properly and should be attached very securely. The (MILs) malfunction indicator lamps or dashboard warning light are checked for the: . Seatbelt pretensions (which remove the slacks from seatbelts in case of a collision) . Air bags . Seatbelt load-limiters (which release small amount of the belt when it is too tight) Seats The test will check to see if the drivers seat may be adjusted and whether all seats are securely-fitted and can be adjusted in an upright position. Brakes These will be tested to check: . Their state, including inappropriate modifications or repairs . Their performance and operation (the efficiency test;the trims and wheels are not removed when carrying out the test . The electronic-stability control and antilock braking system, where fitted Wheels and tyres These will be tested to check for: . Security . Condition . Tyre type and size . Tread depth Spare tyres and wheels are not inspected. Registration plates These are tested to check for: . Condition . Characters correctly spaced and formed . Colour . Secure attachment Lights An MOT test also seeks to ensure that vehicles lights are in the required condition. As such their operation, including (LED) light-emitting diode and (HID) high intensity discharge. The headlamps will be tested for cleaning, security and self levelling. For more details, must visit- About the Author: Lillian is a publisher who reviews best resources on mot reading. Here is the best source, she has shared with the world- Thus, must visit the website for more details. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Motorcycles 相关的主题文章: