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"Mother" first exposure lineup makeup as Yue Lina Yu Yi led the Sohu entertainment Yu Yi played Yue Lina as long nobumune Ying Niang Sohu entertainment news written and directed by Guo Jingyu’s legendary drama "mother" is being filmed, fans in the highly anticipated drama, in the first exposure today the main character makeup photos, starring Yue Lina, Yu Yi, Zhang Shaohua, Liu Zhiyang, Shi Ke, Ni Hongjie, Xiao Yin appeared one by one, very artistic figures again overstating the expectations of the fans. It is understood that "mother" has been scheduled 2017 Jiangsu TV, Tianjin TV prime time broadcast. Yue Lina Yu Yi together again in deductive way "Niang" cut out the heart of Sadomasochism tells the story of a mother and five children’s story, this is Yue Lina Yu Yi, following the "dog" stick together again after deduction of couples, compared to the "love after getting married in the dog club" mode, "two people in" the love of mother Xu more romantic, long two master takatsugu Zong (Yu Yi decorated) home, almost die abroad, thanks to Ying Niang (Yue Lina) care before dying. After two people, gave birth to two daughters, third fetus in the pregnant mother Ying, long back home. Unexpectedly, the three daughter was regarded as her nemesis, comprehensive protection for his wife and daughter, long and long house Jizong decided to break the separation of changuo. Calm makeup, Yue Lina look dignified atmosphere, very large family housewife temperament, this grand dress set off the long house of social status, in stark contrast with Ying Niang poor background, adumbrative Ying Niang and Long Jizong sad ending. The play, Yu Yi played two roles, from makeup as can be seen, two young long Jizong a scholar emotional, the ornamental and the combined plain properties, three young lung nobumune but more than a little gentleman, these two characters is a poster, LED fans to the role relationship and the destiny of the conjecture. Liu Zhiyang beam anti a new good man for his role in the interpretation of subtly malicious network drama series "Xia Dongqing" soul ferry corner of the audience was known as Liu Zhiyang, stay warm the heart of the popular image of adorable. In the "mother", he will subvert the sun in the form of playing a leading role in anti Shaoqing, photos, his sly smile revealed the complexities of character. When the play, Shaoqing down and long Jizong intersection Jieyi, because of love. The poison killed Jizong, Ying Niang repeatedly to confession was rejected, he was unwilling to steal Ying Niang and Jizong son in prison, went to japan. Although Shaoqing is a hard heart, won the brother’s wife subtly malicious male, but also a meeting of his beloved woman, can immediately as around the finger, with the new good man pay. The makeup character of "overstating other fans expect Niang road design" directed by Chen Minzheng, to create a "biography", "Zhen?" and other popular domestic drama yangko dance style design style for him, fit the story characters, always let a person shine at the moment. To restore the true degree of maximum strength, "Mother Road" before and after the preparation of the shape of the past six months spent. Zhang Shaohua’s long old lady, elegant shape, highlight its long family head of the family; Shi Ke played the full game popularity Takao, who played with Ni Hongjie相关的主题文章: