Murray on the net in the semi-finals Ferrell must be very hard to be in pretty good shape verbal jint

Murray on the net in the semi-finals: Ferrell must be very hard to be in pretty good shape Murray will fight Ferrell bit difficult to beat compatriot Edmond, Murray once again among the net men’s singles semi-finals. Two years ago, he lost in the semifinals of the very influential small German, and today he across the net is Spanish veteran Ferrell. Murray and Ferrell had played a total of 19 times, of which the former wins and losses of 6 to occupy the absolute advantage, and the two sides met the last 6 times, the British made a winning streak of 6 games in a row, the United Kingdom and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States has achieved a total of 13. Although the historical record and the current strength of their own advantages, but Murray knows that Ferrell is a very difficult opponent. He said: "it’s going to be a tough game, Ferrell is trying to do his best in every game, he has a very good fitness, to beat him you have to play the best level." Before the injury the withdrawal of the current network of Djokovic and agreed to take part in the Shanghai masters, which shows Murray nips to cause no small pressure. If the British can win this tough battle, from the current network in the men’s singles title only one step away, not only is expected to eventually win, and will significantly reduce the gap between integral and djokovic. Today, between Keyes and Kunta’s new generation women’s singles showdown is also quite aspect, the former is a rising star in America, the latter is the increasing sophistication of Britain "a sister". Keith is currently ranked ninth in the world, the hole tower is ranked in the first place, the last time the fight against the two or 6 years ago, when it was less than the age of 20 girls, the final winner of the game is an American girl.相关的主题文章: