My new clothes Lin Chiling won the most expensive launch Joey Yung incarnation 007– Liaoning pigeon blood

"My new clothes" Lin Chiling won the most expensive launch   Joey Yung incarnation 007– Liaoning channel — original title: "my new clothes" Lin Chiling won the highest incarnation of Joey Yung 007 launch "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) on Saturday night on the ten on demand sixth period, this period fashion show theme is "beauty love movement", Lin Chiling, Joey Yung, Wu Xin, He Sui, Wang Likun five "goddess" brought five sporty and stylish sports show, fit. Lin Chiling teamed up with internationally renowned designer KTZ brand founder won the highest price since the program since its launch, the 007 incarnation of Joey Yung mysterious charm and a woman playing wall boom, where the ear with designer Shangguan? Other dancing hiphop street, Wu Xin smile turned a lovely bowling pitcher, Wang Likun is the embodiment of Sexy Sports baseball player Jiaoqiao swing, wonderful bombing. Lin Chiling explosive head hanging wire KTZ was launched jointly the highest price in this field "my new clothes" ushered in the launch since the three quarter, the biggest international class designer, the British designer MarjanPejoski and SaskoBezovski founded KTZ brand is representative tide brand, including Rihanna, Quan Zhilong, Lu Han, Li Yuchun other well-known idol is a fan of the brand. For cooperation with KTZ, Lin Chiling also very excited: "they should be the fashion trend index of circles, is your idol, I feel quite happy to cooperate with them and enjoy, because they feel that the tide spirit is actually including the degree of freedom, and you know how to enjoy life, express yourself, brave to do their own attitude." The KTZ brand founder of cooperation with Lin Chiling is together, Lin Chiling also changed the past romantic, gentle image, to have never seen other debut! The stage for a film "dragon tactic" in tomb scenes, Lin Chiling is the incarnation of the Tomb Raider explosion head yellow, hanging wire from the air landing. And the body of the KTZ costumes, but also cool and full of strength: the real wear sports, the use of geometric graphics and text, the color is black and white base color to red embellishment. The designer was buying a standing ovation, respect for KTZ expression. This co-operation is also great acclaim, more buyers to the high price of 41111111 to obtain the Lin Chiling series, "the price is the highest price since my new clothes" third season, Lin Chiling, including the designer buyers are surprised to "wow" sound, even while watching "Joey Yung screamed finally, Lin Chiling also get access to the" lucky star". The 007 is the incarnation of Joey Yung and Dong Ho Street play wall spike other jump hip-hop Joey Yung that "I think good sportswear not only in sports wear, the designer of this field" non traditional sport style design will undoubtedly meet the requirements of Joey Yung. The Joey Yung show as a stage play in the "skyfall" of the classical background music, Joey Yung incarnation of sexy agents, out in the smoke of incense, the model is the embodiment of the mysterious person, one)相关的主题文章: